Star Wars Fitness

star wars jedi sith

If you are a person who has tried to lose weight and exercise more, watch less TV and read more books or eat less candy and eating more real food, you’re not alone.

However, if your solution to all these problems is « to try more seriously » or « do more », I’m here to tell you my be it’s not your thing.

STOP to fight with yourself because of your lack of will and motivation and instead realize that you need a new plan.

You need to stop trying more seriously and starts trying in a more intelligent way.

The part of our brain that allowed us to survive for thousands of years is the same part that can make us overweight and being unable to move forward in life.

It’s just like The Force : Once we have the knowledge, we can choose the light side or the dark side.

star wars jedi sith

Every day you fight the Empire’s marketing systems to make better decisions, and you fight your friends around you who unknowingly want you to join the dark side and you fight a part of your brain that wants all the time short-term happiness.

Every day you lead this war and every day you have the opportunity to be a little closer to Jedi and a little more walk away from Sith.

Finally, you can break this cycle and defeat the Empire.

Thank you for being here and fight with us.

How did you take a step closer to the light side today ?


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