Find The Gym For Your Goals (Part2)

find a gym diffrent type

I read a Nerd Fitness article  and I learned good stuff.

If you didn’t read the part 1, click here 

Type de gyms

different type gym

You noticed there are several categories of gyms. That’s why you have to take your time to think about a gym that fits your needs.

Fitness center franchise

In the best known franchises, you will have cheap membership. It’s cheap but you have few amenities, some type of trainings are forbidden, free weight section is limited and often the staff has no experience.

Health clubs/Sport clubs/YMCA

Clubs look like franchises but they have a better service. There is more amenities, towel service, child care, pool, tennis court. Membership can reach $100, some type of training can be prohibited and free weight’s section limited.

Note : Franchises and clubs can be convenient if you travel a lot because with their membership, you can train in different cities.

Locally owned gyms

These gyms have a better equipement, a free weight’s section bigger and a better quality staff than franchises and health clubs. Membership is around $25-50 and it’s real that amenites are less good than health clubs.

Weightlifting club/barbell club/crossfit

It’s a room with bumper plates, dumbbells, barbells and pullup bar. With the membership, you have a coach and classes, that’s why it’s expensive. These gyms are open at certain hours during the day. These gyms have their own workout program, you can’t do your own workout program.

College/university gyms

it’s cheap and you need to paid upfront in full.

You can have a discount « alumini » memberships if you go to the college or university that you attended. If you don’t live near of you old college/university, some gyms offer memberships to family members of alumini or staff, local « senior » memberships or event just local resident memberships. What is great with this type of gym is you can have acces to their full facilty (pool, racquet courts, classes, etc).

Test drive the gym

test drive

The next step is to look for gyms in your city now that you know differtent types of gyms.

Do a test in gyms to see if the equipement meets your needs. Some gyms offer pass for 1-2 weeks. During the test phase, go train the same days that you plan to train after signing the contract.

Imagine that you find the perfect gym, you sign the contract and eveydays you train, it’s war. The gym is full of people and you can’t use equipement. This is a situation to avoid.

Here is what is important to see during the test phase :

  • Is there enough equipment for everyone or you have to fight to have a bench ?

  • Does the equipment work well ?

  • What is the gym’s atmosphere ?

  • Is it clean ?

  • If you go befoire school/work, is there enough shower available or you have to wait ?

You can read gym’s reviews on internet by searching with Google or DuckDuckGo. Attention, on internet people prefer to complain than to do compliments so be careful. For me the best thing to do is talk to gym members to know what is positive and negative.



A lot of people don’t want to have a membership gym because one of their friend had a bad experience to stop a gym’s membership. This for this reason it’s important to take your time to read the contract and understand clauses.

Here things to look at in a contract :

  • A membership termination clause because for exemple, you move or you lose you job. This is rare but sometimes you can stop a membership if you live near the gym. Usually there is a fee named «  early termination fee » (that’s what I have).

  • The possibility when you’re on vacation ou you have to work for several weeks in another city to freeze your membership.

  • If the gym goes bankrupt, what happens to members ?

  • Membership renewal is automatic ?

You know salespersons work with commission so if a sales person make you a promise, make sure that this promise is in writing. Taking the contract at home is the thing I advise you to read it quietly and understand clauses.

If you feel that the salesperson put pression on you or that you don’t feel comfortable for another reason, leave the gym.

Note : There are states that has specific laws. For exemple, you can cancel the contract only 2 days after signed it. It would be a shame if you signed this type of contract without being aware of this clause. This is why it’s important to take the contract at home to read it quietly.

Here different membership’s fees :

  • Activation fee

    You pay these fees when you’re a new member. You pay these fees once.

  • Monthly cost

    it’s a fee you pay every month

  • Maintenance fee

You pay these fees per year. Attention, some gyms have a special clause that says : « We don’t have this kind of fee now but later, it’s possible to add these fees without telling you ». Be sure to know this clause if it is in your contract.

When I enrolled in my gym, there was an offer for people who applied for registration on internet. Look at gym’s website to know offers but also ask always to salesperson if there are discounts.

In gyms, there is often a membership’s range of price. You need to negotiate, don’t hesitate. Don’t forget that the more you take the more expensive membership, the more the salesperson will have a larger commission. If the salesperson tell you : « No », it doesn’t matter, you tried to get the best price.

By negotiating, somethimes you can register in a gym for the first time without paying the activation fees. To do it, you need to talk to the person who has permission to do this. Sometimes they can call you 1-2 days after to offer you an exceptional offer.

You can also have a nice offer by paying an annual membership up front. Look at the price difference.

Also you can have offers with you health insurance. It’s always with a limited number of gym but look if you have this option.

Stay focus

stay focus

The difference between a workout at home and a workout in a gym is that in a workout in a gym, you can really make your potential evolve to the maximum.

For exemple, if you do a barbell’s workout, you will have always heavy weight plates to go to the next level. It’s the same thing for dumbbells. You need heavier, it’s here. No need to worry about buying new.

Of course, there are negative pointst to enroll a gym. You have to move there (bike, bus, car, etc), you to wait if you go during busy hours, the cost and do your workout around unkown people.

I repeat, you can train at home to be healthy or gain strength with a bodyweight workout program. You can buy a set of dumbbell, barbell, kettelbell or a sandbag. You can do sprints or walk (like my father) outside with any weather and it’s free.

For me the gym, it’s an important moment of my day. It’s the moment where I’m focus on myself and the society’s pressure no longer exists.

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Back To The Source Of Equipment (Part 2)

source water river

I read a Nerd Fitness articles  and I learned good stuff.

If you didn’t read the part 1, click here

Racks Et Machines

To do squat, there are differents equipements, we name it « racks ». Let’s go.

Squat stands

squat stands

It’s 2 pieces standing, next to each other to hold the Olympic bar. It’s handy because it’s portable and you can do squat outside. But in a gym, it’s not great because you can’t put heavy weights, it’s too fragile.

Squat rack

squat rack

It’s 2 bars that are standing tied with horizontal bars. With the Squat racks, you can put heavy weights.

Power rack

power rack

It’s my favorite. It looks like a large rectangle with poles in vertical and horizontal. The Power racks have holes for placing J-hooks to adjust the height of Olympic bar. What is cool is that you can do several exercices with like pull-up, bench press, overhead press and dips.

Smith machine

smith machine

Smith machine looks like Squat racks except that the bar is guided.

Gym staff will tell you that it’s a machine to do squat safe. I don’t advise to use this machine because it forces your body to make unnatural movements. This scientific study ( ) shows that you have better results with a squat with free weights.

The difference between Squat racks and Smith machine is that the bar where you put weights is fixed on Smith machine.

Weight machine

plate loaded machine weight pin loaded stack machine weight

Weight machines are in 2 categories : Pin loaded (stack machine) and Plate loaded. Pin machines have a rectangular weight stack with a hole to put the pin. More the pin is low, more the weight is heavy to lift. What is cool with this machines is that you don’t need to look for weights anywhere in the gym.

With Plate loaded, there is no weights attached to the machine. You put weights on the machine yourself. Plate loaded machines have a wider range of motion than Pin loaded.

Cable machine

cable machine

No matter the size or design of the cable machie, it will always be a pin loaded (stack machine). A handle is at the end of the cable and you can pull or push in different directions. Cable machine can be an alternative for some exercices you do with dumbbells or barbells. Cable machine has a wider range of motion.

Pull-up Bar

pull up bar

You know in most gyms, there is no real pullup bar (like in my gym). If you don’t find a freestanding bar, there are several alternatives like power rack, smith machine or the top of the cable machine.

Dips station

dips station

Usually dips station is integrated into the power rack or the cable machine. You can find some that are freestanding.

Assisted Pullup /Dip station

assisted pull up

It’s a Pin loaded (stack machine). You choose a weight and you put yourself on the platform. The weight you choose will help you to do pullups or dips. For pullups, I advise you to do Lat pulldown and the day where you can lift your bodyweight, you do freestanding pullup.


adjustable bench

Ajustables benches and standard flat benches are types of benches you will see in a gym. To do incline and decline exercices, ajustable bench is perfect. Benches are the equipement the most use in a gym, especially on Monday. I don’t know why but Monday is the international chest’s day and it’s hard to find a bench that day.

Bench press

bench press

Squat stand and Squat rack are use to do bench press in small gyms and Crossfit. In big gyms, there are special bench press with a stand attached.

Equipement items

Now you know the main gym’s equipment, I will show you small equipement items.


collar clip

There are several collars/clips designs but they have the same purpose that is to keep weights safe on the bar.

Weight plates

weight plate

There are several type of plates :

  • Standard metal plates/ rubber encased weight plates

    They’re made of metal and they shouldn’t be thrown to the ground. There are circle with the denomination of weight on. Depending on the weight, they have different diameters.

  • Bumper plates

    They’re made of rubber and can be thrown to the ground for above your head (clean and jerk).

Plates can have a denomination in kilograms or pounds :

Kilogramme : 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 5, 10, 15, 20 et 25kg

Pound : 2.5, 5, 10, 25 ou 45lbs.

You can also find plates with a combination of metal and rubber that can be thrown to the ground but not from aboe you head.



This is looks like a cannon balls with handles. Most gym don’t have the same weight repertoire than dumbells but it’s possible to find kettelbells of 24kg (53lbs) and 31.75 (70lbs) and more.

GHR/GHD Machine

ghr ghd machine glute ham raise developer

The translation is « Glute Ham Raise » or « Glute Ham Developer ». With this you can do glute ham raise, back extension or sit ups.

Prowler/Dragging sled

prowler dragging sled

Put weights on a prowler and push or pull while you run.

Strongman equipment

strongman kegs yokes hammers tires atlas stone

If you don’t intend to make a strongman competition, kegs, yokes, hammers, tires and atlas stones are good to do from time to time.

Plyo Boxes

plyo Boxe

These boxes have several size. You jump on and off of.



Those are big rubber bans to work mobility and speed lifts.


It’s funny because people ask me often : « What do I wear ? ». I noticed in gyms, it’s often a fashion show. It’s for this reason beginners are impressed. Unless you have an injury, clothes don’t matter. When I started, I took some clothes that I rarely used and I always do that. Sometimes I see people with cool clothes and I say to myself : « Wow, I have to buy it » and when I see theirs performances I say to myself : « Pffff, show-off ! ».


Gym isn’t a fashion show. You’re not going to win a prize because you’re well dressed. We’re here to sweat so wearing comfortable clothes. You know, my clothes and shoes are torn and the funny thing is that people ask me, if they can train with me because they see my body evolve.


squat deadlift shoes classic converse chuck taylor all star

It’s important to have a good pair of shoes to do deadlift and squat. A good pair of shoes allows you to put your weight on your heels to be as stable as possible. Running shoes don’t allow you to do this because their soft soles. If you don’t have the budget for this type of shoes, the classic Converse Chuck Taylor All Star works well and is what many top powerlifters still wear.

Personally I use my Converse Chuck Taylor All Star for my strenght training and my Puma to run.


Gloves are used to protect hands from callouses. At the beginning, I wore gloves and I still had callouses and sometimes my hands slipped inside gloves because of the sweat. I notices that gloves could also mess up your grip and technique. I don’t use gloves and I don’t recommand to have gloves.

Knee/Wrist wraps

knee wrist wraps

Wraps allow you to have support and stability when you lift heavy weights (squat/deadlift).



Straps allow you to hold the bar longer in your hands. Straps are wrapped around the bar which relives your grip. It’s excellent for intermediate and advanced lifters. Beginners don’t need to use it.

Weightlifting Belt

weightlifting belt leather weightlifting belt velcro

There are 2 type of weightlifting belt : leather or velcro. It’s very usefull for intermediate and advanced lifters. I use my weightlifting belt only for deadlift and squat.

Stop, stop, stop, I see you start to worry about buyiing all this. Don’t panic, the most important thing to have is a good pair of shoes to get started. It’s simple, let’s go my friend.

Whats’s the biggest mistake you made when you started lifting ?

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P90X, Insanity, Weight Watchers, Shakology And Nutrisystem (part 1)

diet plan

I read a Nerd Fitness article  and there is good stuff.

There is more than 1 million fitness product and diet system. This is what I think of certain.

P90X et Insanity


P90X and Insanity are the most successful fitness infocommercial in history. A program you can do at home and it’s a routine focus on strength training instead cardio.


P90X and Insanity are solid program if you have time, energy and willpower. If you like feel so tires that you could die after a training session, it’s for you It’s DVD with intruction step by step to follow during 90 days. Do a strength training increase more self-confidence faster than cardio.


P90X works because you must do a training of 60-90 minutes, 6 days per week and you must also change your diet to respect the program.

To do this program you must be commited at 100 % especially for the time. For people who don’t have the time to do this program everydays, it’s easy to miss 1 or 2 session and give up. I don’t like feel so tired that I could die after a training session, it’s also for the same reason I don’t do crossfit.

This program during 90 days with DVDs and what’s happen after these 90 days ? A lot of people had a great transformation during these 90 days but after they regain weights they lost.

It’s a program during 90 days with DVD, what’s happen after 90 days ? A lot of people after had a better body started doing what they were doing before. No more DVD, nobody to motivate by shouting at them. This program don’t resolve the problem at the root. This program don’t create healthy habits.

I prefer feeling tired and happy after a training session instead to be so tired I could die.

Weight Watchers

weight watchers

Each type of foods have a number of points. You have un number of points to respect in the day. As long you stay your total of points, you should lose weights.

Now Weight Watchers have a part online and another part with people where you will weigh regulary and see people who will help you to respect your number of points.


The part to count points is a great idea and I think is the reason of Weigh Watchers success. When you’re surounded by people with the same goal to have a better health, it’s very motivating to reach your goal.

The feeding process is simple.


The new version of points system. This update match with the old conventional wisdom « Whole grains are good, fats are bad ». Pizzas have points ? It’s weird for me.

The points system factors is little for the quality of foods. They prefer that you eat pastas or processed foods inteads real foods. Something like steak, vegetables or eggs. In addition they sell some processed foods labeled « health » packed with sugar and preservatives. Of course Weight Watchers foods have « nice » points.

You can become dependent on the points system. Each meal is a mental calculation to respect the day’s total points. At the end of the day, often, people have « extra » points and to reach the day’s total points, they eat unhealthy foods, «  I have the points anyway ! ».

Focus on weight loss. It’s real, you can loss weigth eating unhealthy foods and Weigth Watchers leader understood this very well. It’s dangerous because people look healthy outside but they’re unhealthy inside, internal organs are severly damaged.

Follow a outdated points system and sponsored by unhealthy foods aren’t a long term solution. The points system is good but there no education about foods and ingredients.



You receive foods at home. Then in microwave, you eat it and you lose weight.

Lose weights and continue to eat the foods you like ? It’s weird for me.


Nutisystem’s system is simple. You receive your meals at home, you put them is your freezer and heat them for each meals and you lose weights. Following the plan exactly you should eat less calories that before. Eat less unhealty foods than usual is a way to lose weight with success in the short term.


You think you will be more healthy by eating muffins, pankakes, etc ? You’re wrong !

Nutrisystem has been created to people who want some results without efforts to build some new « healthy » habits. These foods are all weak substituts for real food equivalent.

I prefer take care of me 90 % of the time and eat a real cookie ou have a real pizza one time per week instead to eat bad imitations everydays and pretend I’m healthy.

Like Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem match with the conventional wisdom « Whole gains is good, fat is bad, avoid cholesterol ». It’s better to just eat « real foods » !

Like Weight Watchers, food education is minimal. A little healthy habit is build but nothing for the after Nutrisystem. Because is so simple, people forget everything during vacation or they can’t pay for the foods receive at home

Comme Weight Watchers, l’éducation sur les aliments est minimum, une petit habitude saine est constuite mais aucune préparation pour la vie après Nutrisystem. This system works only for the short term.

Yes, you can lose weight by eating less, but these meals aren’t healthy. Do they give you the energy you need to feel good ? Nutrisystem is good because it’s simple but poor quality of foods, lack of education and dependence on an unsanitary and unsustainable food system. They can do better.

Did you have some experiences with others programs or diet system ?


P.S : Do you want a free training program ? Click here 

Choose The Gym

choose gym

You know, it’s important to choose the gym to achieve your objectives. Often I was training in gym that weren’t well equipped to help me evolve. And do you know why ? It was because of the price.

Later, studying the professional bodybuilders lifestyle , I found that they could spend $ 1,000 per week only for food. This is clearly more than the annual subscription in a gym, it’s awesome, right ? This is what Jay Cutler spends on food.

centre sportif sous-moulin

Listen, I started with a bench and two dumbbells in my bedroom. Then in the gym of the sports center « Sous-Moulin ». It was really, really cheap, CHF 200.- per year. But there was no dumbbells, no barbells. There were 2 bikes, 4 upper body machines , 1 Leg Press, 1 cable machine, one treadmill. It wasn’t a bodybuilding gym but it was for players of soccer, basketball, volleyball and ice hockey. After 1-2 years, I lifted almost all the weight in the machines.

Then I changed to go to the gym « Silhouette » which is equipped for bodybuilders but it was CHF 800.- per year. It was next to my work. After I moved, changed jobs and I go to another gym « Silhouette » but it cost CHF 1,200 per year. After 6 months, I hadn’t paid for everything so they blocked my access.


For 2 years, I’m not trained because I really had money problems. But I missed it so much (my 2 dumbbells were too light) I told myself that now I will make an investment on my body as I make an investment with my studies.

I returned to the sports center « Sous-Moulin » (they changed nothing) and the same, 1-2 years after I changed. This time for the gym « Non-Stop Gym », CHF 550.- per year. Everything was fine, the heaviest dumbells were 32.5kg (71.65lbs), I thought I was going to take a long time before use it. After 6 months, a gym’s member tells me that I look him bad. People stop us, calm down.

non-stop gym

1 month after, he seemed to attack me by surprise, people stop us but he insists aggressively. I do what I have to do, the gym’s staff watch the video and tell me I did more than defend myself, our subscriptions are terminated.

In disaster, I find a gym « Fitness Park » after the border which costs me EUR 350.- per year. I’m in the gym since 1 year and I lift 34kg (74.95lbs) dumbell benchpress. « Non-Stop Gym » hadn’t 50kg (110.2lbs) dumbbells. Right now this « Fitness Park » grows and attracts more and more bodybuilders and Crossfit athletes.

fitness park

I decided to make a Men’s Physique competition in 2018 and this gym is perfect for me to achieve this goal. But have you seen my journey, when I took the decision to invest in my body as my studies, I focused on the equipment’s quality to reach my goals.

An investment have results in the long-term, choose a gym, it’s similar. The sports center « Sous-Moulin » was a waste of time and money.

And you ? How do you choose your gym?


Choisir Le Gym

choose gym

Tu sais, c’est important de bien choisir le gym pour atteindre tes objectifs. Souvent je m’entraînais dans des endroits qui n’étaient pas bien équipé pour m’aider à évoluer. Et tu sais pourquoi ? C’était à cause du prix.

Plus tard, en étudiant le style de vie des bodybuilders professionnels, j’ai découvert qu’ils pouvaient dépenser $ 1000.- par semaine, uniquement pour la nourriture. C’est clairement plus que l’abonnement annuel dans un gym, c’est impressionnant, non ? C’est ce que dépense Jay Cutler en nourriture.

centre sportif sous-moulin

Ecoute, moi, j’ai commencé avec un banc et 2 haltères dans ma chambre. Puis dans le gym du centre sportif de « Sous-Moulin ». C’était vraiment, vraiment pas cher, CHF 200.- par année. Mais il n’y avait pas d’haltères, pas de barre. Il y avait 2 vélos, 4 machines pour le haut du corps, 1 Leg Press, 1 machine à câble, 1 tapis de course. Ce n’était pas un gym pour le bodybuilding mais pour les joueurs de football, basketball, volleyball et hockey sur glace. Après 1-2 ans, je soulevais presque tout les poids des machines.

Ensuite, j’ai changé pour aller dans le gym « Silhouette » qui est équipé pour les bodybuilders mais c’était CHF 800.- par an. C’était à côté de mon travail. Après j’ai déménagé, changé de travail et je suis aller dans un autre gym Silhouette mais il coûtait CHF 1200 par an. Après 6 mois, j’avais pas tout payé donc ils m’ont bloqué l’accès.


Pendant 2 ans, je ne me suis plus entraîné parce que j’avais vraiment des problèmes d’argent. Mais ça me manquait tellement (mes 2 haltères étaient trop léger) que je me suis dit que maintenant je vais faire un investissement sur mon corps comme je fais un investissement avec mes études.

Je suis retourné au centre sportif de « Sous-Moulin » (ils n’avaient rien changé) et la même chose, 1-2 ans après j’ai changé. Cette fois pour le gym « Non-Stop Gym », CHF 550.- par an. Tout allait bien, les haltères les plus lourds étaient à 32.5kg (71.65lbs), je me disais que j’allais mettre longtemps avant de les soulevé. 6 mois après, il y a un membre du gym qui me raconte que je le regarde de travers. Des personnes nous séparent, ça se calme.

non-stop gym

1 mois après, il fait semblait de m’attaquer par surprise, des personnes nous séparent mais il insiste agressivement. Je fais ce que j’ai à faire, la direction regarde la vidéo et me dit que j’ai fait plus que me défendre, nos abonnements sont résiliés.

En catastrophe, je trouve un « Fitness Park » après de la frontière qui me coûte EUR 350.- par année. Cela fait 1 an que je suis dans ce gym et je soulève 34kg (74.95lbs) au développé couché avec les haltères. « Non-Stop Gym » n’avait pas des haltères de 50kg (110.2lbs). En ce moment ce « Fitness Park » s’agrandit et attire de plus en plus de bodybuilders et des athlètes de Crossfit.

fitness park

J’ai pris la décision de faire une compétition en Men’s Physique en 2018 et ce gym est parfait pour que je puisse atteindre cette objectif. Mais t’as vu mon parcours, dès que j’ai pris la décision d’investir dans mon corps comme pour mes études, je me suis concentré sur la qualité de l’équipement pour atteindre mes objectifs.

Un investissement c’est des résultats sur le long terme, choisir un gym, c’est pareil. Le centre sportif de « Sous-Moulin » était une perte de temps et d’argent.

Et toi ? Comment tu fais pour choisir ton gym ?



mens physique competition

2 years ago, I thought to compete in the category Men’s Physique to earn money. By studying more deeply the competition’s world, I realized that I’ll earn more money without competition. Bodybuilding’s athletes really make money with their « fitness plan », their seminars, their clothes and goodies. The best example is Jay Cutler, he won fewer competitions that Ronnie Coleman but earns more money than him.

After realizing this, I focused on my websites. I continue to train intensely because I am the « fitness model » of my blog. I didn’t want to be sponsored by a product or a clothes brand, I’m only promoting what I create.

The gym where I train is growing and 14 new machines are arriving. It’s cool (now there is the calves machine) and there will have a crossfit’s area (deadlift killer). I knew the gym’s owner wanted to attract more bodybuilders and seriously he will succeed his bet.

There is a gym girl who told me she wanted to do a deadlift competition and I wanted to know if she had still wanted to do it. She said she might do a competition in 2 years but rather Miss Bikini. I can’t say I was surprised, I was happy, you know how are the Miss Bikini ! Then she asks me how is my training.

fitness miss bikini competition

I explain my periodization and oddly, I told her I’m a little interested about Men’s Physique competitions. She replies that maybe in 2 years, she will no longer want to do a Miss Bikini competition like the deadlift competition. The truth is I’ll do a Men’s Physique competition but I don’t feel ready and I don’t want to tell to everybody.

I haven’t abandoned the idea to a competition because I want to use it to promote my websites. Winning a competition will give me visibility and credibility as Christian Guzman do for his clothes brand. You see my strategy ? So I’ll do like the girl, I’ll do a competition in 2018.

Back to work !

And you ? You do a competition for fame / money or to promote what you create ?



mens physique competition

Il y a 2 ans, je pensais faire des compétitions dans la catégorie Men’s Physique pour gagner de l’argent. En étudiant plus profondément le monde de la compétition, j’ai compris que je gagnerai plus d’argent en ne faisant pas de compétition. Les athlètes de bodybuilding gagnent vraiment de l’argent avec leurs « fitness plan », leurs séminaires, leurs marques d’habits et produits dérivés. Le meilleur exemple est Jay Cutler, il a gagné moins de compétitions que Ronnie Coleman mais gagne plus d’argent que lui.

Après avoir compris cela, je me suis concentré sur mes sites internet. Je continue toujours de m’entraîner intensément car je suis le « fitness model » de mon blog. Je n’ai pas envie d’être sponsorisé par un produit ou une marque d’habits, je fais uniquement la promotion de ce que je crée.

Le gym où je m’entraîne s’agrandit et il y a 14 nouvelles machines qui arrivent. C’est cool (maintenant il y a la machine pour les mollets) et il y aura une zone pour le crossfit (deadlift killer). Je savais que le propriétaire du gym voulait attirer plus de bodybuilders et franchement il va réussir son pari.

Il y a une fille du gym qui m’avait dit qu’elle voulait faire une compétition de soulevé de terre et je voulais savoir si elle avait toujours envie de le faire. Elle m’a répondu qu’elle ferait peut-être une compétition dans 2 ans mais plutôt de Miss Bikini. Je ne peux pas dire que j’ai été surpris, j’étais content, tu sais comment elles sont les Miss Bikini ! Ensuite elle me demande comment va mon entraînement.

fitness miss bikini competition

Je lui explique ma périodisation et bizarrement, je lui dit que je suis un peu intéressé par les compétitions en Men’s Physique. Elle me répond que peut-être dans 2 ans elle aura plus envie de faire une compétition en Miss Bikini comme c’est arrivé pour le soulevé de terre. La vérité, c’est que je vais faire une compétition en Men’s Physique mais je ne me sens pas prêt et je n’ai pas envie de la dire à tout le monde.

Je n’ai pas abandonné l’idée de faire une compétition parce que je veux utiliser ça pour faire la promotion de mes sites internet. En gagnant une compétition cela me donnera de la visibilité et de la crédibilité comme Christian Guzman fait pour sa marque d’habits. Tu vois ma stratégie ? Donc je vais faire comme la fille, je vais faire une compétition en 2018.

Back to work !

Et toi ? Tu fais une compétition pour la célébrité/l’argent ou pour faire la promotion de ce que tu crées ?