Reach A Plateau

training workout plateau

I read a Nerd Fitness article and this is what I learn. 

We all had a moment like that. Whether to lose fat, gain muscle or even develop a new skill, we reach a point in our progress where all seems to stagnate :

« I lost 0.9kg (2lbs) per week for months and now since 2 weeks, nothing changes ».

« I added 2.2kg (5lbs) per week for the deadlift for 6 months but this week I lift less than before ».

« I was ran faster, I did km (miles) faster for 1 year but I can’t exceed the mark of 7 minutes ».

A plateau

A plateau occurs when your progress has stagnated despite that you continue to do all the right things, which included a good diet, do exercises correctly and a proper lifestyle.

Our body can lose weight constantly and block at a number. Or you can gain muscle and get stronger and for 1 or 2 weeks, you can’t lift heavier.

This is what we call in our training « The Plateau » and we don’t like when that happens. Human being is happy when he makes progress. When we work hard for something and we don’t see progress, we aren’t happy.



Often people talk to me about their frustration at having a plateau but often it isn’t a plateau. It’s just that they’re happy with their bodies and they stopped to stay focused :

  • What was last meals ? When people see that their body is better, they allow themselves to eat more junk food. Then day by day, they eat more junk food and it becomes a bad habit. Track your meals.

  • How do you train ? We follow a workout program but when people see that their body is better, they don’t do the last rep, they do less sets, they want to finish the training earlier. If you are not completely tired at the end of your training, you will not progress. Track your workout.

  • Do you sleep enough ? It’s one of the things most people neglect howerver everyone know the importance of sleep. A lack of sleep increases the stress level, less time for your body to rebuild your muscles, etc.

Can you assure me that last days your quality of sleep, nutrition and exercise was excellent ? In most cases, once these things are fixed, the body progresses again.

Daily victory


If your exercises, your nutrition and your sleep are excellent quality, we need to find a way to win every day. « Little by little, you become less little ».

More we’re train, more we have an advanced level in our training program. So that we often reach a plateau and it’s necessary to have small victories to get through.

  • Track accurately your reps and sets – Find a way to have a better performance than yesterday. If you block at 4 sets of 6 repetitions of 68kg (150lbs) and you can’t do a set of 70kg (155lbs), try 4 sets of 8 reps of 68kg (150lbs). Or you can reduce your rest time. To do that, I use Jefit  with my smartphone.

  • Collect the small victories – It is with these small victories that you exceed your limits and that you can achieve your goal. Find a way to have small victories each day that shows you that you have become better, faster and stronger.

Other metrics

Scale can lie. Your weight on the scale can decrease very slowly even if you progress to a healthier body simply because you have less weight to lose.

Track these things :

  • Take a photo every 2 weeks – Who is care that the scale doesn’t move when you have a better physique ? You feel better about yourself ? That’s progress, do you buy new clothes that fit you better ?

  • Take measurements – Measure the important parts of your body. Perhaps the scale doesn’t move but you gain or lose a few centimeters (inch) of waist or arm.

  • Track your body fat – Buy a caliper to get an estimation of your body fat. There are cases where the weight increases and the body fat percentage decreases and that’s a good sign.

The goal is to constantly prove to ourselves that we’re approaching our goal.

bruce lee

« If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there. You must go beyond them ».

-Bruce Lee

How did you do to overcome a plateau ?


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The Bulking’s Myth


I read an article on T-Nation  and here is what I learned

Here’s what you need to know :

  • After a certain point, your ability to gain muscle will not go faster by consuming more food.

  • The body can’t build more than a few kilograms (pounds) of muscle in a month. Remember that the weight you gain is not only muscle.

  • There is a better way to gain muscle. Don’t used the bulking period as an excuse to eat junk food.

The gluttony game

To have more volume you have to eat more, we agree. You will be able to gain a large amount of muscle mass only if you eat enough calories and nutrients to help your body to build muscle. For those who take steroids, that’s another story. In fact, if you don’t eat enough, it’s possible that you lose muscle even if you train hard. More you eat, more you grown.

But not so fast

If you don’t eat enough, your muscle growth will stagnate but that doesn’t mean that if you eat more, you will gain much more muscle.

A major mistake that you can do when you train to have a muscular physique and aesthetic, it’s eating too much junk food and have a high percentage of body fat to boost your muscle growth.

When you are natural, your body has a limited ability to build muscle. The amount of muscle you can build depends on the ability that your body has to synthesize new muscle tissue from protein you eat.

The ability of your body to synthesize the protein depends on your natural testosterone levels, your testosterone with your cortisol ratio, your insulin sensitivity and your genetics.

You can eat the amount of food that you want, you can’t change your ability to synthesize protein. Overeating will increase your body fat percentage.

Your body is a construction worker

body under construction

Imagine that your muscles is like a house you trying to build. The bricks are amino acids (from proteins) and the money to pay construction workers are carbohydrates and fat you eat.

If you don’t give enough bricks (protein), they will not be able to build the house as fast as they can. A deficiency in protein means a slow muscle growth.

If you don’t pay your construction workers enough with nutrition, they will not be motivated to work hard. If you really don’t pay your construction workers, they will even destroy your muscles (catabolism due to a too low calories intake ).

In summary, if you don’t eat enough protein and calories, you will gain muscle very slowly.

Giving more bricks (protein) to your construction workers , they will be able to build the house faster. But at some point, sending too many bricks will not speed up the construction speed. For example, your construction workers can add 1000 bricks per day in a wall. If you give them 2000 bricks, it will be useless because it will exceed their ability to work. This is the same thing for the salary (calories).

The athletic threshold

« But I gained 6.7kg (15lbs) in 3 months and I didn’t gain fat »

This is something we often hear. If it’s possible to gain only a few kilograms (pounds) of muscle per month, why so many people say they have gained much muscle without gaining fat ?

It’s possible to gain muscle without gaining much fat and the answer is : an athletic body. An athletic body isn’t the body you see in bodybuilding competitions. An athletic body has a body fat percentage between 10-20%.

The guy believe he gained 6.7kg (15lbs) of solid muscle because visually, he looks to have kept the same body fat’s percentage. But if we look in detail, he gained 2.7kg (6lbs) of muscle, 3.1kg (7lbs) of glycogen and 0.9kg (2lbs) of fat in a period of 3 months.

Here are two situations :

Situation A

  • Go on a bulking phase

  • Gain 11.3kg (25lbs) over a period of 6 months

  • The details of 11.3kg (25lbs) is 2.2-4.5kg (5-10lbs) of muscles and the rest is 0.9-1.8kg of glycogen (2-4lbs) and 4.5-6.8kg (10-15lbs) of fat.

  • To lose the excess fat, you have to do a strict diet. If you are extremely strict, you can expect to lose 0.4-0.9kg (1-2lbs) of fat per week without losing muscle.

  • The best scenario is 6-12 weeks to lose fat. Otherwise 12-20 weeks.

Situation B

  • Increase your calories but just enough to give your body the nutrition needed to maximize your muscle growth.

  • You gain 0.6kg (1.5lbs) of muscle per month with less fat.

  • After 6 months, you gain weight 2.2-4.5kg (5-10lbs) but only 1.3-2.2kg (3-5lbs) of fat.

  • To lose fat, you need to do a diet for a month.

The best way

Many people ruin the potential of their body with the internet gurus tips that advise eating as much as possible (even junk food). Result, a lo of unnecessary fat that gives the impression of being muscular.

Many people don’t eat enough to help muscle growth but eating too much or eating junk food isn’t the solution. We must calculate the number of calories that we have to take a day and select food throughout the year.

Did you go in a bulking period ?


Winter is coming


Temperature went down and I ride my bike with my scarf, my woolly hat and my gloves. Everyone looks at me strangely but they are all about to cough or blow their nose. For me, no way of getting sick or catch cold.

I read a Nerd Fitness article about winter  and I want to share it with you.

Throughout the year, we must fight to keep our lifestyle. We do our exercises regularly to have a better physique, we make food choices to have a better health and we build healthy habits to have a better lifestyle.

The Matrix’s attacks

matrix attack agent smith morpheus

But when winter comes, The Matrix attacks us with an army :

  • Holidays are made for us to overeat with a culture that encourages us to eat too much sugar.

  • Shops make several discounts days to encourage us to buy things we’ll not use.

  • Parties at work or at home where we drink too much and eat too much junk food. With our colleagues or our friends tell us, « You have to live a little ! ».

  • Christmas or New Year week where we do nothing, we spend our time on the couch watching TV shows.

  • Our family and friends who encourage us to do the same as them because « it’s the holidays ! »

  • Winter is rain, snow, low temperatures and we prefer to stay warm at home rather than braving these elements of nature.

As you can see, we’re in the holiday season and the rest of the world will be overcome by the Matrix’s attacks by eating, drinking and buying. People will be paralyzed and they will not be able to protect their bodies until January 1st. This is why we must resist the Matrix’s attacks to protect our progress we have made with our bodies.

Do you take the control of your destiny and you want to have a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle that will make you die sooner ?

Our defense

matrix defense neo

Tips to withstand attacks from the Matrix :

  • At least three training sessions per week and a healthy meal per day during the holidays. I don’t expect that you’re perfect because we’re often invited to eat but do your best.

  • Never misses tow training’s day in a raw. If you plan to train one day and you have to miss it because of travel or another reason, you train the next day. Each unhealthy meal will be followed by a healthy meal. No excuse, do it like champions.

  • The day after a big party is perfect to relax and eat a little more than usual healthy food.

  • The weather can’t be used as an excuse. It’s cold and it’s normal for this time of year. That’s why I put my scarf, my woolly hat and my gloves to go to the gym. No excuse !

This is the time to prepare for this war in this winter season. I’m sure you’ll win.

Winter is coming, good luck !


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L’Hiver Arrive


La température est descendu et je roule sur mon vélo avec mon écharpe, mon bonnet et mes gants. Tous le monde me regarde bizarrement mais ils sont tous en train de tousser ou de se moucher. Pour moi, pas question de tomber malade ou d’attraper froid.

J’ai lu un article de Nerd Fitness sur l’hiver  et j’avais de partager soi avec toi.

Toute l’année, nous devons lutter pour garder notre style de vie. Nous faisons nos exercices régulièrement pour avoir un meilleur physique, nous faisons des choix alimentaire pour avoir une meilleur santé et nous construisons des habitudes saines pour avoir un meilleur style de vie.

Les attaques de la Matrix

matrix attack agent smith morpheus

Mais quand l’hiver arrive, la Matrix nous attaque avec une armée :

  • Les vacances sont fait pour nous faire trop manger avec une culture qui nous encourage à manger trop de sucre.

  • Les magasins enchaînent les soldes, les rabais pour nous encourager à acheter des choses que nous n’allons pas utiliser.

  • Les fêtes au travail ou à la maison où nous buvons trop et nous mangeons trop de junk food. Avec nos collègues de travail ou nos amis qui nous disent : « Il faut vivre un peu ! ».

  • La semaine de Noël ou de Nouvel an où nous faisons rien et nous passons notre temps sur le canapé à regarder des séries TV.

  • Notre famille et nos amis qui nous incitent à faire la même chose qu’eux parce que « c’est les vacances ! »

  • L’hiver, c’est la pluie, la neige, la température basse et nous préférons rester au chaud à la maison plutôt que d’affronter ces éléments de la nature.

Comme tu peux le voir, nous sommes dans la saison des vacances et le reste monde va être vaincu par les attaques de la Matrix en mangeant, buvant et achetant. Les gens vont être paralysé et ne ils ne pourrons pas protéger leurs corps jusqu’au 1 janvier. C’est pour cela que nous devons résister à ces attaques de la Matrix pour protéger nos progrès que nous avons fait avec nos corps.

Est-ce que tu prends le contrôle de ton destin ou tu veux avoir un style de vie sédentaire et malsain qui te fera mourir plus tôt ?

Notre défense

matrix defense neo

Voici quelques conseils pour résister aux attaques de la Matrix :

  • Au moins 3 séances d’entraînement par semaine et un repas sain par jour pendant les vacances. Je ne m’attends pas à ce que tu sois parfait car nous sommes souvent invités à manger mais fait de ton mieux.

  • Ne rate jamais l’entraînement deux jours de suite. Si tu as prévu de t’entraîner un jour et que tu dois rater ça à cause d’un voyage ou d’une autre raison, entraînes-toi le lendemain. Chaque repas malsain sera suivi d’un repas sain. Pas d’excuse, fait comme les champions.

  • Le lendemain d’une grande fête est parfait pour se détendre et manger un peu plus que d’habitude de la nourriture saine.

  • La météo ne peut pas être utilisé comme excuse. Il fait froid et c’est normal pour cette période de l’année. C’est pour cela que je mets mon écharpe, mon bonnet et mes gants pour aller à la gym. Pas d’excuse !

C’est le moment de ce préparer pour cette guerre dans cette saison d’hiver. Je suis sûr que tu vas gagner.

L’hiver arrive, bonne chance !


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Condemned to stay obese

obese transformation

While reading a NerdFitness article, I discovered that there was a study by King’s College London, who said : « the chance to returning to a normal weight after becoming obese is only 1 in 210 for men and 1 in 124 for women over a year ». If the person is seriously obese, chances are reduced.

What is this bullshit !?! Let’s look the study deeper .

The study

matrix mr smith transformation

« Of 278,982 men and woment, the study found that only 1 % of people who were obese at the start of the study were successful in losing weight AND maintaining the weight loss ».

What is highlighted is : « count calories, eating less calories than normal and exercise dutifully » failed 99% of people after 10 years.

When I read that, I see two things :

  • Once we’re obese, it’s almost impossible to have sustainable results.

  • Current strategies of conventional medicine to fight against obesity fail to help the majority of obese patients lose weight.

FUCK THE MATRIX ! You don’t have to follow Matrix’s advice. There are other ways to have a better health in the long term.

There are a huge number of study that confirms and validates that eating fewer calories than you burn (calorie deficient) gives results for weight loss for most people.

This Matrix’s study has given advice to 278,982 patients based on a strategy to be successful in the short term. The Matrix has only given a part of advices, that’s why they failed.

As Morpheus says to Neo, « There is a difference between knowing the path and walking in the path ».

Here’s what the Matrix didn’t tell to the 278 982 patients :

  • Understand how habits work (and behavioral psychology).

  • A good state of mind

  • An environment created for success

  • Understanding how sugar can be addictive

  • Having a support (family, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.)

  • And more

Instead, modern medicine advises people to move more and eat less and don’t say the rest. It’s obvious that this is a strategy for failure : when your environment is against you at home, when the society do everything to make it difficult to eat healthy and when your social circle is against you, of course only 1% of people succeed.

It’s possible to succeed, just need to adjust some things to make it work for us instead of against us.

The tools

matrix morpheus neo blue red pills

Having habits to have long terme success

Once you understand how your brain work to create new habits, you can change your bad habits to create good habits and develop them.

We start with small changes with we can live with and then changes become bigger. « I just need to try harder » doesn’t work, you need to understand HOW to try and then try smarter.

Diets don’t work

Temporary diets doesn’t work. Explain me, for 9 months you eat the « junk food » and for 3 months, you eat healthy food. With this strategy, your body is healthy all year ? No, and it makes sense.

Aim the long term. We’re making efforts to change our lives and a life isn’t short term. This is a fundamental adjustment in how we make decisions every day to achieve, day after day, our success.

Building a positive environment

We’re the product of our environment and we’re affected by all that surrounds us every day. This is why all heroes have theirs headquarters. The headquarters is an environment that is designed to relax and achieve goals.

Adjust your environment to avoid having « junk food » at home, avoid roads where there are fast food, sleep earlier, prepare healthy meal for all the week, etc.

The support

Going on war alone, it’s too hard. Why not create a team ? We need people to help us and inspire us to have a better health. Surround yourself with people who care about you and want you to succeed, don’t sabotage your efforts.

Knowing food

Eating 600 calories of cookies isn’t a solution in the long term compared to 600 calories of chicken, fish, avocado or vegetable.

The majority of processed food we eat today is created for a part of our brain is dependent on this food. The processed food transforms us into junkie who wants heroine. Junkie = Junk food.

This study creates two camps :

  • I know, that’s why I can’t lose weight. I’m condemned to stay obese, go to McDonald’s

  • Ok, it’s clear, it doesn’t work. I need to try something different. I have to be smarter than the Matrix.

Which camp do you choose (red or blue pill) ?


Condamné à rester obèse

obese transformation

En lisant un article de NerdFitness , j’ai découvert qu’il y avait une étude faite par le King’s College de Londre qui disait : « Les chance de retrouver un poids normal après avoir été obèse est de seulement 1 sur 210 pour les hommes et 1 sur 124 pour les femmes en plus d’un an ». Si la personne est sérieusement obèse, les chances sont diminués.

C’est quoi ces conneries !?! Regardons l’étude en détails.


matrix mr smith transformation

« Des 278 982 participants, hommes et femmes, l’étude a seulement trouvé 1 % des personnes qui étaient obèses au début de l’étude qui ont perdu du poids et maintenu la perte de poids avec succès ».

Ce qui est mis en évidence, c’est : « compter les calories, manger moins de calories que la normal et faire des exercices consciencieusement » échoue pour 99 % des personnes après 10 ans.

Quand je lis cela, je vois 2 choses :

  • Une fois que nous sommes obèses, il est presque impossible d’avoir des résultats durable.

  • Les stratégies actuelles de la médecine conventionnelle pour lutter contre l’obésité ne parviennent pas à aider la majorité des patients obèses à perdre du poids.

FUCK LA MATRIX ! Tu n’as pas à suivre les conseils de la Matrix. Il y a d’autres façons pour avoir une meilleur santé sur le long terme.

Il y a un nombre énorme d’étude qui confirme et valide que manger moins de calories que tu brûles (déficient calorique) donne des résultats pour la perte de poids pour la majorité des gens.

Cette étude de la Matrix a donné des conseils aux 278 982 patients basé sur une stratégie pour avoir du succès sur du court terme. La Matrix a seulement donné une partie des conseils, c’est pour cela qu’ils ont échoué.

Comme dit Morpheus à Neo : « Il y a une différence entre connaître le chemin et marcher sur le chemin ».

Voici ce que la Matrix n’a pas dit aux 278 982 patients :

  • Comprendre comment les habitudes fonctionnent (et psychologie comportementale).

  • Un bon état d’esprit

  • Un environnement créé pour réussir

  • Comprendre comment le sucre peut-être addictif

  • Avoir un support (famille, amis, petit-copain, petite-copine, etc)

  • Et encore d’autres

Au lieu de cela, la médecine moderne conseille aux gens de bouger plus et de manger moins sans dire le reste. C’est évident que c’est une stratégie pour l’échec : quand ton environnement est contre toi à la maison, quand la société fait tout pour que ce soit difficile de manger sain et quand ton cercle social est contre toi, bien sûr que seulement 1 % des personnes réussissent.

C’est possible de réussir, il faut juste ajuster certaines choses pour que cela fonctionne pour nous au lieu de contre nous.

Les outils

matrix morpheus neo blue red pills

Avoir des habitudes pour avoir du succès sur du long terme

Une fois que tu as compris comment fonctionne ton cerveau pour créer de nouvelles habitudes, tu peux changer tes mauvaises habitudes pour créer de bonnes habitudes et les faire évoluer.

Nous commençons avec des petits changements avec lesquels nous pouvons vivre avec et ensuite les changements deviennent plus gros. « J’ai juste besoin d’essayer plus fort » ne marche jamais, tu as besoin de comprendre le COMMENT pour essayer et ensuite essaie plus intelligemment.

Les régimes ne fonctionnent pas

Les régimes temporaire ne fonctionnent. Explique-moi, pendant 9 mois tu manges de la « junk food » et pendant 3 mois, tu manges de la nourriture saine. Avec cette stratégie, ton corps est sain toute l’année ? Non et c’est logique.

L’objectif sur le long terme. Nous faisons des efforts pour changer nos vies et une vie ce n’est pas du court terme. C’est un ajustement fondamental de comment nous prenons nos décisions tous les jours pour atteindre, jour après jour, notre succès.

Construire un environnement positif

Nous sommes le produit de notre environnement et nous sommes affecté par tous ce qui nous entoure tous les jours. C’est pour cela que tous les héros ont leurs quartier général. Le quartier général est un environnement qui est créé pour se ressourcer et atteindre les objectifs.

Ajuste ton environnement pour ne plus avoir de « junk food » à la maison, éviter les chemins où il y a des fast foods, dormir plus tôt, préparer des repas sain pour toutes la semaine, etc.

Le support

Partir en guerre tout seul, c’est trop dur. Pourquoi ne pas créer une équipe ? Nous avons besoin de personnes qui nous aide et nous inspire pour avoir une meilleur santé. Entoures-toi de personne qui prennent soin de toi et qui veulent que tu réussisses, ne sabote pas tes efforts.

Connaître la nourriture

Manger 600 calories de biscuits n’est pas une solution sur du long terme comparé à 600 calories de poulet, poisson, avocat ou légume.

La majorité de la nourriture transformé que nous mangeons aujourd’hui est créé pour qu’une partie de notre cerveau soit dépendant de cette nourriture. La nourriture transformé nous transforme en junkie qui veut son héroïne. Junkie = junk food.

Cette étude crée 2 camps :

  • Je sais, c’est pour cela que je ne peux pas perdre de poids. Je suis condamné à rester obèse, go to McDonald’s

  • Ok, c’est clair que ça ne fonctionne pas. J’ai besoin d’essayer quelque chose de différent. Je dois être plus malin que la Matrix.

Quels camps choisis-tu (pilule rouge ou bleu) ?


Body Acceptance

body acceptance

I like your body, doesn’t change !

This guy must be stupid, he nearly have a bodybuilder’s body.

Give this girl a burger ! She’s too skinny !

Every day you hear someone with that kind of comment. It’s as if everyone knew how the human being’s body should be.

Accept his/her body is the first step to better health. Shame of being overweight or being too skinny ? No matter, accept your body.

You should have a body like that

bodyfat percentage

Whatever the body you have now and the body you’re having, there will have always some detractors (everywhere) to let you know that you’re different.

They say one of two things :

  • I’m interested in this type of person and you’re different. You should change.

  • I have this look and you have a different look. I have to change your look to make me feel better with my look. (Sometimes it’s also « I want your look but it’s too hard, then I’ll arrange to feel myself better »).

You’ve seen that. People like to tell others they preferred them when they were bigger or skinner. This comes from trolls on Internet, friends and family !

I saw that « Dad bod » is sexy. The belly full of beer and junk food is sexy. Hmm, that’s a joke! This is ridiculous and it has to stop.

Things to stop saying

stop say

  • «Strong is the new skinny ». This phrase is often with a picture of a sexy skinny girl and perhaps physically strong. The truth is you’re skinny, you’re strong, not both simultaneously. You saw how is hard for a thin person to gain weight. Matrix, stop your bullshit.

  • « This person needs to eat ». This is for skinny people. Many people have no problem to say « this girl needs to eat something ! » when she’s skinny but they never say « this girl needs to eat less ! » when she’s overweight. We all have different body types and people are naturally skinny. Girls or boys.

  • « Real girls have curves ». A real girl has a heart (I can’t believe I said that), it’s the only thing that matters. Real girls have curves or they’re skinny or she’s big or they’re small. This isn’t because she doesn’t look like the girl next to you that she isn’t a real girl.

  • « This person is too athletic. It’s useless ». It’s easy to make fun of the most muscular guy in the gym or the most muscular girl or afraid to have a bodybuilder’s body. But people don’t make fun about people who are good at soccer, cooking or drawing. Fitness is also a hobby (powerlifting is a sport like soccer).

Apparently the world has determined that it’s good to be in shape but not too much. If you’re a boy you can be muscular but not much. If you’re a girl, it’s cool to be muscular, but if you can lift heavier than a boy, it’s not well.

But why they always train ? They have a beautiful physique, it’s done ?!?

Who determines the body a person should have, right ?

Accept the body

love yourself

We’re all created differently. People have big bones and others are super skinny. Being big, skinny, tall or small doesn’t matter because we can work to have a healthier life.

You can see a person on the street and say : « This person haven’t a healthy body », but you don’t know that this person has already lost 45kg (100lbs) and continues to improve his body. And you will never know !

We don’t choose our genetic but we decide what we want to make at 100%. Once we accept our starting point, we’re responsible of our evolution.

  • Do you get a clean bill of health with your doctor ? You can be proud of your body but if you’re overweight and unhealth, things must be changed.

  • Are you working to be better ? For some, it’s a heavier weight for deadlift or a slimmer waistline or lose/gain 4.5kg (10lbs), each has its purpose. What is important is that you compare yourself to you from yesterday and work to progress.

This society, the Matrix wants us to be negative with our neighbors but it’s a waste of time, energy and effort.

We’ve a responsibility to be happy ourselves. We’ve a responsibility to do with what we have and challenge ourselves to be better and to do things to improve our lives.

I have two questions for you now :

  • Are you using one of these phrases to insult a person to make you feel better ?

  • Are you getting a clean bill of health or you use « I’m proud of my body » as an excuse to have an unhealthy lifestyle ?