MRSA Infections

mrsa infection anatomy

What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE. With my training, I’m interested in biomechanics to avoid injuries. I read « Sport Medicine Media Guide » and I learned some good stuff.

Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (S. Aureaus), or MRSA, is a bacterium that creates skin infections and other types of infections. The first time that MRSA was seen in US hospitals during the 1970s. Recently, there is a new strain of MRSA know as Community Acquired Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or CA-MRSA, has left hospitals and began to spread in the community.

This is the strain that is prevalent among athletes. The difference between CA-MRSA and Healthcare-Associated MRSA (HA-MRSA) is in their effects. CA-MRSA usually creates skin infections while HA-MRSA causes bloodstream, urinary tract and surgical site infections. This make CA-MRSA less dangerous than HA-MRSA. Another difference is that CA-MRSA is more vulnerable to antimicrobial.


Signs of infections are :

  • Redness

  • Warmth, Swelling

  • Pus

  • Pain at sites where there are skin wounds

  • Abrasions or cuts

MRSA has the ability to spread to other organs in the body and when that happens, symptoms are more severe.

At this stage, symptoms are :

  • Fever

  • Chills

  • Low blood pressure

  • Joint pain

  • Severe headaches

  • Shortness of breath

  • An extensive rash over the body

These more advanced systemic symptoms require immediate medical attention.


The 1st choice for treating MRSA skin infection is to use an antibiotic that has been created to kill bacteria with mild side effects. Most early infections with no widespread symptoms can be treated with oral antibiotics. Because of the nature of this decease and antibiotic options, many patients think they’re « cured » after only a few doses and decide by themselves to stop taking the prescribed drugs. However, MRSA is able to re-infect the patient and become resistant to antibiotics used previously.

For moderate to severe infections, treatment may be with intravenous antibiotics.

These infections associated with deep abscesses or boils require open surgical drainage in addition to antibiotic therapy. Most infections resolve in 7-10 days with an adequate treatment despite the fact that a deep abscess can take up to 4 weeks to eradicate the infection by resolving the abscess cavity.

Early identification and treatment of MRSA infections decrease the amount of playing time lost and decrease the chance that the infection will become severe. Skin may be protected by protective clothing or gear designed to prevent skin abrasions or cuts.


mrsa infection anatomy

It’s necessary that athletes have good personal hygiene but it must be added that athletes and visitors to athletes facilities must also keep their hands clean by washing them often with soap and water or using an alcohol-based hand rub. The minimum is to have clean hands before and after sports and activities. For example when we use weight training equipment that is shared by all gym members, it’s important to have clean hands after using toilette or when someone is injured taking care the wounds (including changing bandage).

Ordinary and antimicrobial soaps are effective for washing hands. It’s noted that liquid soap is a better option because it’s not possible to share this type of soap compared to bar soap. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contain at least 60% alcohol are the perfect choice.

Athletes should shower immediately after exercise and shouldn’t share soap and towels. Washing all uniforms and clothes after each use is important. Athlete should avoid sharing items that are in contact with the skin and avoid sharing personal items as they contact the skin. Fortunately, most surfaces don’t provoke a risk of spreading staph and MRSA.

Athletes who have had MRSA

Several high school, college and professional athletes have contracted MRSA infections. There have already been epidemics among athletes on the same team. A study published in « The New England Journal of Medicine » shows an infection MRSA among St. Louis Rams professional football franchise (USA) athletes. During a single season, MRSA infections were found among 5 of 58 Rams athletes (9 percents) that was tested. All infections developed on areas of the body that are common places for turf injury.


  • Today, MRSA accounts for about 50-70% of the S. Aureus infections that are present in healthcare facilities across the world.

  • Statistics fro the Kaiser foundation in 2007 indicated that approximately 1.2 million hospitalized patients contract MRSA infections.

  • Serious MRSA infection is still predominantly related to exposure in the healthcare setting, where approximately 85 percent of all serious MRSA infections occur.

  • Fortunately, in children under 18 years old, mortality rates are much lower (1%), even though the number of hospitalized children with MRSA has almost tripled since 2002.

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You Really Should Outsource



I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and there is good stuff.

Maybe there is something you could outsource in your life or in your business ? It’s good to have something to save time, money and energy.


You don’t like your job but spend a lot of time to read job offers discourage you. You can use Upwork to hire someone to do job searches for you. This person will give you a list of the best job offers so you can apply. It’s cool !



Upwork  is the largest marketplace in the world to find service providers troughout the world. You will be able to delegate some of the things you have to do. It’s expensive ? Wait, if you find someone who live in a developing country, prices will low compared to the prices of your country. The Upwork principle is not to make work children of 12 years old like Nike or Reebok but to offer work to someone, a respectable job than can make in good conditions.

If you have the budget, you can take service providers from North America or Europe.

Upwork isn’t the only platform to propose this kind of service, this is a lot.

Fancy Hands

fancy hands

Ther is a application named « Fancy Hands »  You download this application on your smartphone, it’s a virtual assistant’s team in U.S.A (until now the only langage is english) and you can ask everthing. There is a « + » button and you can ask something by voice, text or photo.

I show some exemple :

  • Can you find my the three best piano school next to my house ? Of course when you completed your profile you wrote your address.

  • I’m a HSBC Premier’s customer. I would like to know if when I buy a flight ticket, I have rights entitled to an health insurance ?

  • Can you call UPS ? Because they came to my house and they left a note. I must call them to have a new appointment but I don’t have the time. Can you ? You take a picture of the note so that they have all the information and it’s ok.

It’s simple things. You can delegate to them tasks of research, booking of restaurant, hotels or flight.

If you make a thesis or dissertation for your studies at the univerity, you have to put scientific references on what you write. Usually, people advise you to hire a research assistant. Now, you can find one quickly on these platforms. A Students don’t have money ? If you work with someone from a developing country, I’m sure it works with your student budget.

They save your time to focus on what is important for you

You don’t have an Upwork’s account ? Go and create it. It takes a few seconds and it’s free. I advise you to do this and spend 10 minutes a day to find the things you can delegate.

Even in your job you can delegate repetitive tasks. Warning, check if it’s legal for you to outsource a part of your job. Check with your employer or a lawyer.

By doing that you will acquire a new skill. Image how would be your life if you can outsource most of repetitive tasks you don’t like to do. You will develop this outsourcing skill. In the 21st century, we will delegate more things to services in the Cloud and this will increase.

What is the first service you use in Upwork ?


Create a Company In Being Student

student business

I watched An Oliver Roland’s video  and I want to share this with you.

First, I don’t advice you to stop your studies to create your business until you are sure that your business idea is working. The idea is to do an experiment with the most low cost possible. Use the minimum of time and energy to test your idea in real conditions (sales).

The Lean Startup method

the lean startup

It’s a method that has been created in Silicon Valley by Eric Ries who wrote a book “The Lean Startup” . This method avoids common mistakes such as :

You think your idea is great, you spend a lot of time and money. You do everything for your product is perfect. After months or years of work, you discover that nobody is interested in your product, nobody wants to buy it.

The Lean Statup’s concept is to do the opposite approach. It’s to put in the market as soon as possible what is called the « minimum viable product ». This means you’re making your product/service in its most « light » aspect as possible, the most minimal to test it in real conditions in the market. What I mean is make sales with a minimum investment in money and time.

If, for example, people in your entourage often request you to do a task because they’re unable to do and you, you have do it easly. Make a test, do an ad in a newspaper or in social networks to see if people are willing to pay you to do this task.

Once you have your business idea, ask yourself : « How can I test it in the field with my first clients in the most simple way with the most savings in time, energy and money ».

It’s important to test. An example of a company that has invested a lot of money and failed. In the late 1990s, some people had a great idea in the United States. They said : « The Web is the future and in a few years people will buy many things even food ». They were so confident about this idea that they didn’t test it. They wanted, right away, be available throughout in the United States and have a very fast delivery infrastructure.

They spent billions of dollars to build special warehouses, specific trucks that allowed people to be delivered very quickly to win with the best quality service.

What happened ? The market wasn’t ready, they made a few millions turnovers. Compared to billions invested, it was very little. In less than 2 years, they have failed. This company was Webvan.


On the other side, in Great Britain, there is a company, Ocado, which had the same business model, being an online supermarket therefore deliver food purchases at the client but with a very different approach. Instead of being sure that the idea was great and put a lot of money, they began in one city with few resources. When they saw that it worked, they went to other cities. Ocado is now a company that still exists and is very profitable.


The same basic idea with 2 different approaches. That’s why it’s important to do a simple test. Asks yourself : « How can I do for my product/service is as functional as possible and provides most value to customers by an experimental version.

Create a part time business and with time, build your business gradually.

What is your business idea ?


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Mistake That Skinny People Make To Be More Athletic


Before I was a sportsman and skinny and I became skinnier by smoking weed. But I often traveled to the USA and I gained weight. As I’ve already said 50 Cent change my mind. When we go to a gym and we are seeing people more muscular, it’s daunting. We want to have results as soon as possible to be able to look like.

The worry is that in the Matrix, there is full of lies and we quickly make bullshit.

Not eating enough

The way you eat now make you’re skinny, normal. You think that by eating like it and doing intense exercise, you will be able to gain muscle ? You’re smart, you know that isn’t possible. You have to eat right to have an athletic body.

You must eat between 500-1000 calories per day. Oh yeah ! At first you’re going to force yourself to let your body get used but you’ll quickly feel the difference in training. Let things be clea :: Justin Bieber haven’t an athletic body, this is bullshit, it’s the Matrix !

Having unrealizable expectations

When we see people more muscular at the gym, we want to have results as soon as possible. We see training programs for 8-12 weeks with impressive body. Fuck the bullshit, it’s the Matrix and people in the pictures have been training for at least 5 years.

The truth, you gain 0.5-1kg (1-2lbs) of muscle per month. At first, you can gain more, then your body adapts and it’s pure muscle building. An empire isn’t built in a day.

Not having a solid plan


To build quality muscle and that your strength is useful in the life, you need to have these exercises in your workout program.

  • Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Overhead press
  • Rows
  • Pull-up with weight

Otherwise you’re like Daniel Craig that have muscle just for a 5 minutes scene in a James Bond. He’s still shape ? And Russell Crowe from Gladiator ?

Not doing enough

It’s possible that early in your training, you start with bodyweight exercises. Later, your body will adapt and you’ll feel that exercises make you less suffer than before. It’s time to use weights to increase the resistance on your muscles. To have an athletic body, the bodyweight isn’t enough. You don’t believe me ? Tweet a professional athlete, you’ll see his response.

Go too fast and get hurt

« Quick, quick, quick, I want to have muscles as fast as a click on a website ». If that were true everyone would have an athletic body but the reality is very different. Stop looking athletic bodies all day on Instagram or YouTube, these people train for at least 5 years. The guy you admire has waited at least 5 years to have the body that makes you dream ! But you want to have the same thing in 1 year and at this moment, you stop to follow your training program and to bullshit.

Because of that crap, you’ll hurt and you’re no longer able to train you for 6 months. Worse, I have two friends who are injured during training in the shoulder, now they can’t gain chest, it’s over. How you want to have a symmetrical body when there are muscle groups that you can’t train ? My body is still evolving, they stalled and it’s for medical reasons, it’s over.

Being consistent and patient are the keys to success to have an athletic body. Leave your ego in the locker room !

Don’t follow a sustainable strategy


It’s like the resolutions for the new year : « January 1st , I stop this, I begin that, blah, blah, blah » and three months later you’ve stopped everything. It’s too radical, if you don’t let your body adapt to your new activities, you’ll do a burn out ! And this is normal. At school you learn gradually, so is the same thing with your training. Begins with two days of training in a week and after a few months if you can add one more day, it’s good otherwise keep that pace throughout the year.

After a year look at your results and plan your training for the next year. You make a sport that requires a lot of patience because these sport develops all the muscles of your body. This is the reference for all athletes.

Don’t make it a priority

The truth when I started, bodybuilding wasn’t a priority. I was all the time on internet, video games, go out to drink alcohol, smoke weed or pick up girls. Go to train after drinking alcohol or smoking weed, I also did. The problem, do theses things prevented me to achieve my results, it’s like taking a step forward and three steps back.

I had the trigger to change my lifestyle when I saw a documentary about Ronnie Coleman « The Cost Of Redemption ». I thought that athletes who were taking steroids had a quieter lifestyle. When you see Ronnie in training, this is war and the discipline in his lifestyle is impressive. Go see the documentary right now, you’ll understand !

Don’t train all muscles

You want to have a symmetrical body or not ? I don’t have a lot to say on this subject. Look at the people in your gym with big shoulders but not chest, a upper body athletic and thin legs, big chest but no muscular back. Look and you will quickly understand that it’s important to work all your muscles, otherwise it’s bullshit !

Don’t rest enough

« Sleep is useless » is another Matrix’s trap. Stay up to 1-2 hours (1-2AM)in the morning to watch your TV show will make you an athlete ! The problem is that :

The muscle makes 24-48 hours to rebuild.

Sleeping less than six hours per night aren’t going to help you have an athletic body. Sleep is a priority because it’s at this moment that your muscle can repair and gain power. It isn’t during the day. This is why I advise you to sleep as much as possible, trying to sleep 7-8 hours.

Oh, you’re gonna tell me that Zyzz was skinny and he became muscular and he make parties all the time. I stop you right now : Zyzz is dead !

You still struggles to avoid being skinny ? Ask me a question if you want help

trasformation skinny muscular


Erreurs Que Les Gens Maigre Font Pour Etre Plus Musclés


Avant j’étais quelqu’un de sportif et maigre et je suis devenu plus maigre en fumant de la weed. Mais je voyageais souvent aux USA et je prenais du poids. Comme je te l’ai déjà dit j’ai eu le déclic avec 50 Cent. Quand nos allons dans un gym et que nous voyons de personnes plus musclé, c’est intimidant. Nous avons envie d’avoir des résultats le plus vite possible pour pouvoir les ressembler.

Le souci est que dans la Matrix, il y a pleins de mensonges et nous faisons vite des conneries.

Ne pas manger assez

La façon dont tu manges en ce moment fait que tu es maigre, normal. Tu pense qu’en mangeant pareil et en faisant des exercices intense, tu vas pouvoir gagner des muscles ? Tu es malin, tu sais que ce n’est pas possible. Il faut bien te nourrir pour avoir un corps athlétique.

Tu dois manger entre 500-1000 calories par jour. Eh oui ! Au début tu vas devoir te forcer pour que ton corps s’habitue mais tu vas vite sentir la différence à l’entraînement. Que les choses soit clair : Justin Bieber n’a pas un corps athlétique, c’est du bluff, c’est la Matrix !

Avoir des attentes irréalisable

Quand nous voyons des personnes plus musclé à la gym, nous voulons avoir des résultats le plus vite possible. Nous voyons des programmes d’entraînement de 8-12 semaines avec des corps impressionnants. Fuck les conneries, c’est la Matrix et en plus les personnes sur les photos s’entraînent depuis au moins 5 ans.

La vérité, tu gagnes 0.5-1kg (1-2lbs) de muscle par mois. Au début, tu peux en gagner plus, ensuite ton corps s’adapte et c’est la construction de pure muscle. Un empire ne se construit pas en un jour..

Ne pas avoir de plan solide


Pour construire du muscle de qualité et que ta force soit utile dans la vie de tous les jours, tu dois avoir ces exercices dans ton programme d’entraînement.

  • Squat
  • Soulevé de terre
  • Développé épaule (overhead press)
  • Rows
  • Traction avec poids

Sinon tu es comme Daniel Craig qui se muscle juste pour une scène de 5 minutes pour un James Bond. Il a quelle physique maintenant ? Et Russell Crowe depuis Gladiateur ?

Ne pas faire assez

C’est possible qu’au début de ton entraînement, tu commences avec des exercices au poids du corps. Avec le temps, ton corps va s’adapter et tu vas sentir que les exercices te font moins souffrir qu’avant. C’est le moment, d’utiliser des poids pour augmenter la résistance sur tes muscles. Pour avoir un corps athlétique, le poids du corps n’est pas assez. Tu ne me crois pas ? Tweet un sportif professionnel, tu verras sa réponse.

Allez trop vite et se blesser

« Vite, vite, vite, je veux avoir des muscles aussi vite qu’un clique sur un site internet ». Si c’était vrai tous le monde aurait un corps athlétique mais la réalité est très différente. Arrête de regarder des corps athlétique toute la journée sur Instagram ou YouTube, c’est des personnes qui s’entraîne depuis au moins 5 ans. La personne que tu admire a patienté au moins 5 ans pour avoir le corps qui te fait rêver ! Mais toi, tu veux avoir la même chose en 1 an et c’est à ce moment que tu arrêtes de suivre ton programme d’entraînement et à faire des conneries.

A cause de ces conneries, tu vas de blesser et tu ne vas plus pouvoir t’entraîner pendant 6 mois. Pire encore, j’ai deux amis qui se sont blessé pendant l’entraînement à l’épaule, maintenant ils ne peuvent plus gagner du muscle aux pectoraux, c’est terminé. Comment tu veux avoir un corps symétrique quand il y a des groupes musculaires que tu ne peux pas travailler ? Mon corps évolue toujours, eux ils stagnent et c’est pour cause médicale, c’est terminé.

Etre constant et patient sont les clés du succès pour avoir un corps athlétique. Laisse ton ego dans le vestiaire !

Ne pas suivre une stratégie durable


C’est comme les résolutions pour la nouvelle année : « A partir du 1er janvier, j’arrête ceci, je commence cela, blah, blah, blah » et trois mois après tu as tout arrêté. C’est trop radical, si tu n’habitue pas ton corps à tes nouvelles activités, tu vas faire un burn out ! Et c’est normal. A l’école, tu apprends petit à petit, c’est pareil pour ton entraînement. Commence avec 2 jours d’entraînement par semaine et après quelques mois si tu peux ajouter un jour de plus tant mieux sinon garde ce rythme toute l’année.

Après une année regarde tes résultats et planifie l’entraînement de l’année suivante. Tu fais le sport qui nécessite le plus de patience car c’est le sport qui développe tous les muscles de ton corps. C’est le sport de référence pour tout les sportifs.

Ne pas faire ça une priorité

La vérité quand j’ai commencé, le bodybuilding n’était pas une priorité. J’étais tout le temps sur internet, les jeux-vidéos, sortir pour boire de l’alcool, fumer de la weed ou draguer des filles. Aller à l’entraînement après avoir bu de l’alcool ou fumer de la weed, j’ai aussi fait. Le souci, c’est que faire tout ça m’empêchais d’atteindre mes résultats, c’est comme faire un pas en avant et trois pas en arrière.

J’ai eu le déclic pour changer mon style de vie quand j’ai vu un documentaire sur Ronnie Coleman « The Cost Of Redemption ». Je pensais que les athlètes qui prenaient des stéroïdes avaient un style de vie plus tranquille. Quand tu vois Ronnie à l’entraînement, c’est la guerre et la discipline dans son style de vie est impressionnante. Va voir le documentaire tout de suite, tu comprendras !

Ne pas travailler tous les muscles

Tu veux avoir un corps symétrique ou pas ? Je n’ai pas beaucoup de chose à te dire sur le sujet. Regarde les personnes de ton gym qui ont de gros épaules mais pas de pectoraux, un haut du corps athlétique et des fines jambes, des gros pectoraux mais pas de dos musclé. Regarde et tu vas vite comprendre que c’est important de travailler tous tes muscles sinon c’est du bluff !

Ne pas se reposer assez

« Dormir ne sert à rien », voilà un autre piège de la Matrix. Rester jusqu’à 1-2 heures du matin pour regarder ta série TV va faire de toi un athlète ! Le problème est que :

Le muscle met 24-48 heures pour se reconstruire.

Dormir moins de 6 heures par nuit ne vas pas t’aider à avoir un corps athlétique. Dormir est une priorité parce que c’est à ce moment que tes muscle peuvent se réparer et gagner en puissance. Ce n’est pas pendant la journée. C’est pour cela que je te conseille de dormir le plus d’heures possible, essaye de dormir 7-8 heures.

Ah oui, tu vas me dire que Zyzz était maigre et il est devenu musclé et il faisait la fête tout le temps. Je t’arrête tout de suite : Zyzz est mort !

Tu luttes encore pour ne plus être maigre ? Pose-moi une question si tu as besoin d’aide

trasformation skinny muscular


Less Than 3 Percent Of Americans Have A Healthy Lifestyle

fat children american

I don’t know if I saw the info on Twitter or on another social media. When I saw the title I was really surprised. It’s clear the majority of fitness YouTubers I follow are Americans and the rest are European. Weird, weird so I read the article, I knew there was a lot of obese in USA because I have family that lives there.

Less than 3% of Americans have a healthy lifestyle, ah, medias well know how lie to us, seriously ?!? Here’s the link to the article I read.

fat couple americans

The researchers examined data from a representative sample of 4745 people who participated in a study of the « National Health and Nutrition Examination » from 2003 to 2006. In this study, physical activity was measured using an accelerometer that participants wore for 1 week and the diet was measured using a food diary for 24 hours.

The researchers defined “healthy lifestyle” on 4 qualificationss:

  • Moderate or intense physical exercise at least 150 minutes per week

  • A diet measured in the top 40 percent in the Healthy Eating Index.

  • A body fat percentage of less than 20 percent for men or less than 30 percent for women.

  • No smoking

This study is based on data from 2003 to 2006 ? Guys, we’re in 2016 !!! it’s been 10 years !!!! OK, I like read studies results, I know it takes time to analyze all the data so that’s normal. But what I mean is that since 2006, I don’t feel that the situation has improved until now.

They are junkies of “Junk food”, it’s crazy, less than 3%. I thought it was kind of ration 80% – 20% as the Pareto’s theory. I was wrong. Ah, these Americans, they lie too much about money and health, not good, not good.

Wait, wait, here’s the chart from 2013 that compares health data of people in developed countries.

chart healthy coutries

Yes, yes, you see well, USA is last.

Strangely, this information gave me more motivation to train harder. I say to myself that if 97% of Americans have a crappy lifestyle, I really haven’t much to envy to Americans.

We have only one life and I have too many friends who died before 25 years old to treat the life like shit. So I wish you to have the best life you can have, but you will never have it if you do like everyone else !

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Moins De 3 Pourcents D’Américains Ont Un Style De Vie Sain

fat children american

Je ne sais plus si j’avais vu l’info sur Twitter ou sur un autre réseau. Quand j’ai vu le titre j’ai été vraiment surpris. C’est clair, la majorité des Youtubers de fitness que je suis sont américains et le reste sont européens. Bizzare, bizzare donc je lis l’article, je savais qu’il y avait beaucoup d’obèses aux USA car j’ai de la famille qui vit là-bas.

Moins de 3 % des américains ont un style de vie sain, ah les médias savent bien nous mentir, sérieux ?!? Déjà voici le lien de l’article que j’ai lu (anglais).

fat couple americans

Les chercheurs ont examiné les données d’un échantillon représentatif de 4 745 personnes qui ont participé à une étude du « National Health and Nutrition Examination » de 2003-2006. Dans cette étude, l’activité physique a été mesurée à l’aide d’un accéléromètre que les participants portaient pendant 1 semaine et le régime alimentaire a été mesuré sur la base d’un journal alimentaire de 24 heures.

Les chercheurs ont défini un « style de vie sain » sur ces 4 qualifications :

  • Des exercices physique modéré ou intense au moins 150 minutes par semaine

  • Un régime mesuré dans le top 40 pourcent dans l’index d’alimentation saine (Healthy Eating Index).

  • Un pourcentage de graisse corporelle de moins de 20 pourcent pour les hommes ou moins de 30 pourcents pour les femmes.

  • Ne pas fumer

Cette étude basé sur des données datant de 2003-2006 ? Les gars ont est en 2016 !!! ça fait 10 ans !!!!. OK, moi qui aiment bien lire les résultats d’études, je sais que ça prend du temps d’analyser toutes les données donc c’est normal. Mais ce que je veux dire, c’est que depuis la date où l’étude a été terminé, je n’ai pas l’impression que la situation s’est amélioré jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

Ce sont des junkies de la « Junk food », c’est dingue, moins de 3 %. Je pensais que c’était un ration du genre 80 %- 20 % comme la théorie de Pareto. Voilà je me suis trompé. Ah ces américains, ils bluffent trop sur l’argent et la santé, pas bien, pas bien.

Attends, attends, voici le tableau de 2013 qui compare les données de la santé des habitants des pays développés.

chart healthy coutries

Oui, oui, tu as bien les USA sont derniers.

Bizzarement, cet infos m’a encore plus motivé pour m’entraîner plus dur. Je me dis que s’il y a 97 % des américains qui ont un style de vie de merde, je n’ai vraiment plus grand-chose a envier aux américains.

On a qu’une seule vie les amis et j’ai trop d’amis qui sont morts avant d’avoir 25 ans pour la traité comme une merde. Alors je te souhaite d’avoir la meilleur vie que tu peux avoir, mais tu ne l’auras jamais si tu fais comme tout le monde !

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