Less Than 3 Percent Of Americans Have A Healthy Lifestyle

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I don’t know if I saw the info on Twitter or on another social media. When I saw the title I was really surprised. It’s clear the majority of fitness YouTubers I follow are Americans and the rest are European. Weird, weird so I read the article, I knew there was a lot of obese in USA because I have family that lives there.

Less than 3% of Americans have a healthy lifestyle, ah, medias well know how lie to us, seriously ?!? Here’s the link to the article I read.

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The researchers examined data from a representative sample of 4745 people who participated in a study of the « National Health and Nutrition Examination » from 2003 to 2006. In this study, physical activity was measured using an accelerometer that participants wore for 1 week and the diet was measured using a food diary for 24 hours.

The researchers defined “healthy lifestyle” on 4 qualificationss:

  • Moderate or intense physical exercise at least 150 minutes per week

  • A diet measured in the top 40 percent in the Healthy Eating Index.

  • A body fat percentage of less than 20 percent for men or less than 30 percent for women.

  • No smoking

This study is based on data from 2003 to 2006 ? Guys, we’re in 2016 !!! it’s been 10 years !!!! OK, I like read studies results, I know it takes time to analyze all the data so that’s normal. But what I mean is that since 2006, I don’t feel that the situation has improved until now.

They are junkies of “Junk food”, it’s crazy, less than 3%. I thought it was kind of ration 80% – 20% as the Pareto’s theory. I was wrong. Ah, these Americans, they lie too much about money and health, not good, not good.

Wait, wait, here’s the chart from 2013 that compares health data of people in developed countries.

chart healthy coutries

Yes, yes, you see well, USA is last.

Strangely, this information gave me more motivation to train harder. I say to myself that if 97% of Americans have a crappy lifestyle, I really haven’t much to envy to Americans.

We have only one life and I have too many friends who died before 25 years old to treat the life like shit. So I wish you to have the best life you can have, but you will never have it if you do like everyone else !

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