Explanation Of The Challenge And Data


I have just enrolled in a Data Science course on Udemy  and I learned good stuff.

This is the 1st challenge. Use your web browser to go to superdatascience website  to download a data set. In the « Part 1 Visualization » section, click on « Offices Supplies » to download the file « OfficeSupplies.csv ».

data csv file

To organize myself, I created a folder « Visualization » with 3 subfolders. Each subfolder corresponds to the section of « Visualization ». I put the data set « OfficeSupplies.csv » in the 1st subfolder.

data csv file

« OfficeSuplies.csv » is a CSV file. A CSV file is a text file that represents an table but the elements separated by comma.

You can open this CSV file with NotePad++  for PC or with Sublime Text  for Mac.

On the 1st line (column title), we see that we have 6 columns. Each column separated by a comma and the file contains 44 lines.

data csv file

You can also open a CSV file with Excel, OpenOffice  or LibreOffice  to have a table, which is easier to read.

To open a CSV file with Excel, here are the instructions :

  • Open a blank workbook

  • Go to Data tab

  • Click button « From Text » in the general external data section

  • Select your CSV file

  • Follow the Text Import Wizard (in step 2, select the delimiter of your text).

data csv file

This data set contains data from a store that sells office equipment :

  • Order date – date of sale

  • Region – The store is in 3 region (East, Central and West)

  • Rep – salesperson’s first name

  • Item – product’s name

  • Units – product’s quantity

  • Unit Price – price per unit

Each line shows how many sales there were for a product.

The challenge is to help the manager to know who made the most sales per region in the period of this data set. The period of this data set is from July 2014 to June 2015.

The person who made the most sales in each region has a bonus and there are 3 bonus so 1 bonus per region.

It’s will this challenge that we’ll use Tableau Public.

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Install Tableau Desktop and Tableau Public

tableau desktop public data visualization

I have just enrolled in a Data Science course on Udemy  and I learned good stuff.

Today, I’ll show you how to install Tableau.

Use your web browser to go to https://www.tableau.com/ . On the homepage, there are several options of packages to be installed.

For the course that I do, there is the choice between 2 versions : Tableau Desktop and Tableau Public.

Tableau Public charged and of course, there is a trial version of 14 days. Tableau Public is free and is perfectly usable for this course because there are the same features as Tableau Desktop.

Install Tableau Desktop

Click on the « Try Now » button on the top right

tableau desktop public data visualization

Here there are 3 options : Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online and Tableau Server. What interests us is Tableau Desktop and for that we need to give an email. Once you gave your email, the installation file downloaded automatically.

tableau desktop public data visualization

Don’t worry, the download contains the correct version of the file. This will be a « xzy.EXE » file for Windows and a « xyz.DMG » file for Mac.

If this isn’t the right version that has been downloaded, you can always do this manually with these links.

tableau desktop public data visualization

As soon as the download is complete, you can watch tutorial videos in the « Get Started » area. It’s simple and intuitive.

Install Tableau Public

To install Tableau Public, it’s a little different because you have to go to another website. Use your web browser to go to https://public.tableau.com/s/.

Like for Tableau Desktop, you need to give an email to install the installation file automatically.

tableau desktop public data visualization

The majority of people who use Tableau Public are journalists or public organizations that do not have confidential data because Tableau Public data is on public servers. And as you know, data of a public server is freely accessible to everyone on internet.

Here the Tableau Public main graphic user interface.

tableau desktop public data visualization

Tableau Desktop and Tableau Public have the same structure, features and visualization layout.

But there are 3 differences :

  • With Tableau Public, you can’t extract data because your data is on a public server.

  • With Tableau Public, you need to make screenshots (printscreen) of your charts because you can’t export them.

  • With Tableau Desktop, you can connect to more file type and you can export your charts.

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Future Of Entrepreneurship Is Knowledge


I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and there is good stuff.

Knowledge is the future of web entrepreneurship. Bill Gates published a text on 1st march 1996 « Content is king » . Read these sentences :

« Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting ».

Since 1996, we see that his prediction is confirmed.

Today with content, we can do more than most of companies did until now. Usually companies try to have loyal customers. With content we can create a truly tribe of fans. Seth Godin explains this in his book « Tribe » .

Seth Godin is a marketing’s visionary of 21st century. He anticipated a lot of change with the irrution of new technologies. As the way how companies communicate with theirs prospects, customers and now theirs communities.

All companies should create content even bakers, shoemakers or plumbers. We know today, content allow you to create a tribe of fans to have a truly privileged relation with your community.

The future

the future

Content is the future because more and more functions in the job will be done by softwares, robots or outsourcing to low-cost countries. It’s the last years we can see humans taxi drivers and truck drivers. Quickly automatic cars will come and they will disrupt the entire industry of taxi and truck. Uber made its first delivery with an automatic truck (https://www.wired.com/2016/10/ubers-self-driving-truck-makes-first-delivery-50000-beers/). Uber invest a lot in automatic truck technology.

A lot of jobs will be do by algorithms. A book talk about this « Homos Deus » . Even a job as doctor will be disrupt by new technologies. Within 20 years, we will have sensors in our body or in watches, jewels, smartphones. Theses sensors will measure a lot of parameters in our body, upload those data in the Cloud and we will have access to diagnostic softwares more efficient than doctors. It already exist, IBM sell its Watson’s system to hospitals to reduce the number of medical error .

The truth is we can’t guarantee to anyone that his/her job will still exist in 20 years. And if you job still exist in 20 years, it will be deeply disrupt by new technologies.

It’s here knowledge’s economy intervent. We had agricultural revolution then industrial revolution and now we’re in information revolution. It means if you’re in information industry in 2016, you will be placed among jobs which are going to be the most difficult to disrupt by softwares, robots and outsourcing in low-cost countries. I can’t guarantee you that your job will still exist in 20 years but you will be well placed to accompany this wave of change. May be you can cause it a little bit on your scale.

The key to ressources and wealth in 21st century, it’s how to circulate information and knowledge freely. Old companies try to stop this revolution, they try to stop companies like Uber, Airbnb, etc. but it’s like beavers that make dams to stop a tsunami. We must embrace change, we must have a flexibility of mind and initiative that allow is to adapt to 21st century. If not all industries will be finished like music industry. Do you remember Napster  ?

Learn online

learn online

There will be more and more important place for people who teach this kind of state of mind because school don’t do it. Beyond this state of mind, there will be an ongoing need for training on key competencies because the school has a too much great inertia. If you follow a computer course at the school, you can be sure that school is behind on what is happening now on the internet. It’s cool to have the basics but it’s better to have computer courses online with competent person.

There will be enormously weath that will be exchanged for richess of content,because this content is necessary to be able to adapt continuously to the change of 21st century.

If today, you want to be in the knowledge’s economy like blogger, youtuber, eBook writer, etc. Don’t hesitate, it’s now to create your place and consolidate it to be among people well placed in 21st century to bring value to others and generate value (added value).

Each entrepreneur should check the value he/she brings to the world. Create a new Pepsi is good but like said Steve Jobs : « it’s just sell water with sugar to people. It’s not what will improve the world ».


Create a Company In Being Student

student business

I watched An Oliver Roland’s video  and I want to share this with you.

First, I don’t advice you to stop your studies to create your business until you are sure that your business idea is working. The idea is to do an experiment with the most low cost possible. Use the minimum of time and energy to test your idea in real conditions (sales).

The Lean Startup method

the lean startup

It’s a method that has been created in Silicon Valley by Eric Ries who wrote a book “The Lean Startup” . This method avoids common mistakes such as :

You think your idea is great, you spend a lot of time and money. You do everything for your product is perfect. After months or years of work, you discover that nobody is interested in your product, nobody wants to buy it.

The Lean Statup’s concept is to do the opposite approach. It’s to put in the market as soon as possible what is called the « minimum viable product ». This means you’re making your product/service in its most « light » aspect as possible, the most minimal to test it in real conditions in the market. What I mean is make sales with a minimum investment in money and time.

If, for example, people in your entourage often request you to do a task because they’re unable to do and you, you have do it easly. Make a test, do an ad in a newspaper or in social networks to see if people are willing to pay you to do this task.

Once you have your business idea, ask yourself : « How can I test it in the field with my first clients in the most simple way with the most savings in time, energy and money ».

It’s important to test. An example of a company that has invested a lot of money and failed. In the late 1990s, some people had a great idea in the United States. They said : « The Web is the future and in a few years people will buy many things even food ». They were so confident about this idea that they didn’t test it. They wanted, right away, be available throughout in the United States and have a very fast delivery infrastructure.

They spent billions of dollars to build special warehouses, specific trucks that allowed people to be delivered very quickly to win with the best quality service.

What happened ? The market wasn’t ready, they made a few millions turnovers. Compared to billions invested, it was very little. In less than 2 years, they have failed. This company was Webvan.


On the other side, in Great Britain, there is a company, Ocado, which had the same business model, being an online supermarket therefore deliver food purchases at the client but with a very different approach. Instead of being sure that the idea was great and put a lot of money, they began in one city with few resources. When they saw that it worked, they went to other cities. Ocado is now a company that still exists and is very profitable.


The same basic idea with 2 different approaches. That’s why it’s important to do a simple test. Asks yourself : « How can I do for my product/service is as functional as possible and provides most value to customers by an experimental version.

Create a part time business and with time, build your business gradually.

What is your business idea ?


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Créer Son Entreprise En Etant Etudiant

student business

J’ai regardé une vidéo d’Oliver Roland et j’ai envie de partager ça avec toi.

Premièrement, je ne te conseil pas d’arrêter tes études pour créer ton entreprise avant d’être sûr que ton idée d’entreprise fonctionne. L’idée est de faire une expérience avec le plus coût le bas possible. Utiliser le minimum le temps et d’énergie pour pouvoir tester ton idée dans des conditions réelles (des ventes).

La méthode The Lean Startup

the lean startup

C’est une méthode qui a été créé dans la Silicon Valley par Eric Ries qui un écrit le livre « The Lean Startup ». Cette méthode évite de faire les erreurs classiques comme :

Tu trouve que ton idée est génial, tu dépenses beaucoup de temps et d’argent. Tu fais tout pour que ton produit soit parfait. Après des mois ou des années de travail, tu vois que personne ne s’intéresse à ton produit, personne ne veut l’acheter.

Le concept de « The Lean Statup » est de faire l’approche inverse. C’est de mettre sur le marché le plus vite possible ce qu’on appelle le « produit minimum viable ». Ce qui signifie que tu fais ton produit/service dans son aspect la plus « light » possible, le plus minimal pour pouvoir le tester en condition réelle sur le marché. Ce que je veux dire c’est faire des ventes avec un minimum d’investissement en argent et en temps.

Si par exemple, les gens de ton entourage de demande souvent une tâche à faire parce qu’ils n’arrivent pas à le faire et que toi, tu as de la facilité à faire. Fais un test, fais une annonce dans un journal ou dans les réseaux sociaux pour voir voir si des personnes sont d’accord de te payer pour faire cette tâche.

Une fois que tu as ton idée de business, pose-toi la question : « Comment je peux ça tester concrètement sur le terrain en ayant mes premiers clients de la manière la plus simple avec la plus d’économie en temps, en énergie et en argent ».

C’est important de tester. Un exemple d’une entreprise qui a investi beaucoup d’argent et qui a raté. Vers la fin des années 1990, des gens qui ont eu une idée de génie aux Etats-Unis. Ils disaient : « Le Web, c’est l’avenir et dans quelques années les gens vont acheter beaucoup de choses même les achats alimentaires ». Ils étaient tellement persuadés que l’idée était géniale qu’ils n’ont pas fait de test. Ils voulaient tout de suite est disponible dans tout les Etats-Unis et avoir une infrastructure de livraison très rapide.

Ils dépensé des milliards de dollars pour construire des entrepôts spécifiques, des camions spécifiques qui permettait aux gens d’être livré très très vite pour s’imposer avec la meilleur qualité de service.

Qu’est-ce qui c’est passé ? Le marché n’était pas prêt, ils ont fait quelques millions de chiffres d’affaire. Comparé aux milliards investi, c’était très peu. En moins de 2 ans, ils ont fait failli. Cette entreprise était WebVan.


Par contre, en Grande-Bretagne, il y a une entreprise Ocado , qui avait le même business model, être un supermarché en ligne donc livrer les achats alimentaire chez le client mais avec une approche très différente. Au lieu d’être sûr que l’idée était géniale et de mettre beaucoup d’argent, ils ont commencé dans une seule ville avec peu de moyens. Quand ils ont vu que ça fonctionnait, ils sont allé dans d’autres villes. Aujourd’hui Ocado est une entreprise qui existe toujours et qui est très rentable.


La même idée de base avec 2 approches différentes. C’est pour cela que c’est important de faire un test simple. Pose toi la question : « Comment je peux faire pour que le produit/service soit le plus fonctionnel possible et apporte l’essentiel de la valeur aux clients en version d’expérimentation.

Créer une entreprise à temps partiel et avec le temps, construis petit à petit ton entreprise.

C’est quoi ton idée de business ?


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