How To Find Your Healthy Body Fat

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Each new year and each spring, some people decide to lose weight. They can find lots of advice, but what does losing weight mean? Is it to lose body fat? Is it to lose weight on the scales? Or something else? Have you noticed that you can find two people of the same height and …

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Never underestimate the influences of sleep on training

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Sleep quality is as important as the quality of food for an active and healthy life. When you don’t sleep well, it influences your training. It also affects the course of a day in different areas. Many factors cause people to sleep less and over time they can develop into bad habits. We live in …

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Doubts You Need To Clarify About Cheat Meals

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In most diets, there is the concept of cheat meals. The purpose of cheat meals is to decrease envy and psychological stress. Imagine, you’re dieting and you have to go to a special event (birthday, etc.). Do you think you can eat the number of calories required by your diet? No, you’ll eat more calories. …

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3 Underrated Weight Loss Obstacles

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There are many obstacles in the weight loss process and unfortunately, many people do it. This is one of the reasons why many people fail in their diet. This is the estimate of calories consumed. People underestimate foods and at the end of the day, they have eaten too many calories. You can find someone …

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How Much Do You Know About Change Body Weight

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Do you know the two main facts that help you change your body weight? Yes? No? Ok, the answers are the amount of food you eat (calories you eat) and your physical activity (calories you burn). People have a hard time losing weight or gaining weight. You can find a ton of different types of …

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5 common weight loss questions

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Here are 5 common weight loss questions to helps you lose weight and keep a nice shape for good. In addition, I wrote another article of the same type which could help you. It’s 5 weight loss confusions. Question 1 – Are there people who never lose weight when they train? Let’s start this list …

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5 weight loss confusions

When you start losing weight, you will learn new things. And over time, you will notice that there is conflicting advice. Here are 5 weight loss confusions that you can avoid to stay on the track to reach your goal. I wrote 2 articles (Part 1 and Part 2) about fitness vocabulary to know the …

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What Words To Know In The Fitness (Part 2)

This part of what words to know in the fitness is more about diet and nutrition. If you didn’t read the first part, click here. Healthy A healthy body has a lot of energy and strength. This means that the body doesn’t have any dysfunction, damage, illness or pain. Something healthy can be emotional, mental …

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