Be Unplugged To The Matrix (Part 2)


Following of my list of the most important things I have written from all my articles to be a better version of yourself.

Imagine you talk with Morpheus :

matrix morpheus

I am overwhelmed and I don’t know where to start => Go walking outside

I need to have a better health => Take one decision today better than yesterday

I did everything well for a week and now I can no longer => Make less

I skipped my training yesterday => Do your training today, now

I want to wake up earlier => Put your alarm clock at the other end of the room.

I want to do the exercises in the morning => Sleep with your workout clothes

I eat junk food and I feel guilty => Stop. The next meal you do is healthy and keeps up.

I need to lose weight => Decreases sugar and eat real food.

I lose too much time on stupid websites => Install it for PC  and Mac 

I want to travel but I don’t have time => Make it a priority

I want my friends get healthy => Inspire them, you can’t force them.

I always procrastinate => Choose a goal. Pay 50.- a friend whenever you fail to do this.

I can’t have healthy habits => Not anymore

I want to gain a lot of muscle and be very ripped at the same time => Don’t do two things at 50%. Do one thing at 100%.

I want to have the same physique a celebrity => Unless you have the same resources, it’s an unfair comparison. Look at the physique transformation of people who aren’t celebrities.

I don’t like my work => Slash dramatically your expenses. Began work on something that passionate you. Maybe invent your own job online.

Yesterday was a bad day => This is a good thing, it’s over. Today isn’t yesterday.

I’m worried about tomorrow => Focus on today.

matrix plugin

You’re unplugged more and more of the matrix or you have another question ?


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