Coursera or Udemy of Fitness, DONE

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I wrote an article where I told it would be fun to make a Coursera or Udemy of Fitness.

The idea was:

A Coursera platform where teachers (coach) and students (athletes) work together. The student (athlete) doesn’t have to worry about type of training, teacher (coach), the payment system or monitoring because everything is managed by the platform, he’s registered and he has access to all that. The teacher (coach) hasn’t to worry about finding students (athletes), to take care of the platform (website), the payment system and infrastructure.

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I published this article January 7, 2016 (it was not long ago, huh!?!) And you know what, I did it. I have learned a lot of things while I doing, it was cool. Here is the BETA version, it’s a version that will improve every week. I didn’t expect to have a perfect version, usually it takes at least 1 year and I don’t know if people will really like so I prefer to test it as soon as possible.

I called this platform Hopi Hopa, it’s a name that makes me laugh (make read by Google translate, LMAO). Here is the link

Select a program workout and click on “Log as a guest” and have fun.

hopi hopa guest log

The courses are complete courses that work all parts of the body as in the course of Jim Stoppani Shortcut To Size.

fitness online laptop

It would be cool to have courses in several different languages, it really would be fun so if you have complete courses in a language other than English, put it.

This platform can be used on your computer, your tablet and your smartphone EASY.

Test a course and tell me what do you think.


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