Coursera or Udemy of Fitness

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You know I have attended several different courses on Coursera and Udemy and really I’ve always thought it was cool. There are plenty of great courses Universities (Stanford, Yale, Princeton) or private schools. For those who like computers/data science, it’s a great practice to be updated (where is the Steve Jobs of robotics or artificial intelligence ?!?).

I don’t mean we should stop classical school (I am not a teacher), but online courses are an impressive revolution. Then I don’t know how, I wondered if there is a fitness Coursera? Oh yes, I was looking for a training program on and finally I haven’t found, the site isn’t convenient for that.

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And looking at the site, I realized that there were only training program from athletes sponsored by And I was like “Think different”.

Having a platform like Coursera where teachers (coach) and students (athletes) work together. The student (athlete) don’t have to worry about the type of training, the teacher (coach), the payment system or monitoring because everything is managed by the platform, he’s registered and he has access all that. The teacher (coach) don’t have to worry about finding students (athlete), to take care of the platform (website), the payment system and infrastructure. But beware, there is a rating system like Amazon for teachers and students. This is an open platform to everyone and there is no ads.

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You see the thing, you can have on the same platform courses of Sergi Constance, Tavi Castro, Simeon Panda, Marc Fitt, Steve Cook, Ulisses and teachers in your area. And imagine that the teacher’s course of your area has a better rating than Lazar Angelov’s course ? Uh …

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What do you think about this idea because I have a doubt ?


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