Don’t Be Too Serious ?

too serious

With my blog, I tell my evolution in the fitness world and through my experience I give some advice. Often, it happens that people doesn’t agree with my point of view.

When a person sends me an email saying : « I don’t believe in your diet because I read this on a site web ». I say : « Cool ! Don’t do it ! ».

When a person sends me an email to tell me : « I read that a guy had just eaten Twinkies and had lost weight ». My answer : « Cool ! Let me know if it works with you ! ».

When a person sends me an email to tell me why my advice about training are bad for this or that and why he’s right. I say : « Congratulations ! You hacked the system, hacker ! ».

I don’t have all the answers. My results might not work for everyone. So I do my best to help the greatest number of people. And I know that life can be absurd, that’s why TOGETHER, we try to find a solution.

too serious

Instagram is full of people with perfect physique who tell you that you can be perfect like them using their super secret program. They sell you dreams by being serious and still without clothing. Sign up for their programs to be successful, to have the perfect body and also find happiness.

Or you can just take their supplements to have the same success.

The truth is you success will not happen overnight and won’t be easy. You will have to change all the time. You’re going to make mistake several times, also sabotage your life before before succeeding.

Welcome in the reality of misfits, oppressed, idiots and mercenaries trying to understand how to live those few years on this planet with so many pleasures, social achievements and goals as possible.


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