Exercises and self-esteem


You see I’m sure you think that sitting in front of a screen all day and sitting in front of the TV at night will not affect your physical health and your self-esteem. A « sit on a chair » life is normal for students, office worker and retired people but that does nothing to increase your physical condition, your energy, your self-confidence or your well-being. To feel strong and have a positive attitude, you can have it only by having a regular exercise program.


Regular exercise makes your heart and your bones stronger, reduces your chances of developing a chronic disease with your blood pressure, you control your weight and reduce your anxiety and depression feelings. You boost your energy level, your oxygen capacity, your muscles, your well being, all that is necessary to increase your self-esteem. Frankly it’s a success to have create a training program, stick it and feel results. Cleveland Clinic’s studies have shown that doing 20-30 minutes exercise per day eliminates undesirable weight gain and boost your self-confidence. That’s good.

Society is obsessed with body image, you noticed it and it influences a lot of self-esteem. According to Heath & Fitness Association, image of your body is as important as your strength and your skill in a sport. Doing regular exercises has a positive effect on your self-esteem (especially for people who have low self-esteem).

body image

There is no formula that says how often or how much exercise you should do to influence your self-esteem but there are some guidelines: 20-60 minutes of exercises that challenge majority of your muscle groups 3-5 times a week; 8-10 resistance exercises (weight) to gain strength 2-3 times a week and a stretching session for flexibility 2 times a week.

Yoga, meditation, tai chi and qigong decease your blood pressure, anxiety, depression, anger and improves your psychological functions. According to the “Yoga Journal”, yoga decreases level of cortisol and adrenaline and helps to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and insulin resistance. Meditation stimulates the prefrontal cortex, which controls the level of happiness and healthy immune function. Being focusing on your breath, relaxes your blood pressure, improves your coordination, your quick reaction, your memory, your IQ. You sleep better, manage your emotions better, improves your relationships with others and your have a more positive image of you.

tai chi

Me and all people I know who exercises regularly, we have a better self-esteem and I guarantee you, we do stuff that you have no idea, aahahahahah! C’mon do it, you’ll see by yourself.


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