Legs Day At Higher Level

romanian deadlift heavy

As I said in a previous article, there are 3 days I increased 2 reps all my exercises. The day I expected more, it was the legs day. I didn’t increase reps for squat because I want to improve my technique and I do again the Romanian Deadlift so for these 2 exercices I will add 2 reps in two months.

My friends, it was intense, making it a long time that I hadn’t done as intense session. I was “pissed” I so want to make all the repetitions in each set feel that my muscles burn put me in aggressive mood.

When I was recovering and that someone passed very close to me, it irritated me. When I saw guys who talked more than they did exercises, it irritated me. It’s funny because I don’t take protein powder, I don’t take pre-workout, I don’t take. I eat 5 times a day that’s all.

irritated face

It’s true that this weekend, we had a delirious with my mates, it’s become « predators ». I liked the concept so much that I like to say I am a predator, it was to laugh at the base but it’s true that when I look back, I was in a bubble in « predator » mode. I was so obsessed to succeed as much as possible each exercices I was in extreme concentration.

Well, I greeted people I knew, I’m polite. A moment, a girl I know came in the gym and greeted me. I asked her 2-3 questions about her weekend (she caught cold) and I motivated her a little bit for her training. But sometimes she looked at me smiling while I was recovering. Yes because I gave everything and I was breathing hard like I did a sprint at every pause of recovery.

I looked her quickly and I was back in my in training. I ignore girls in the gym now, I don’t want to be distracted. That’s right, you see it yourself. Sometimes when there is a girl, guys start screaming and after they look to see if the girl looks them. This is not playtime here, shit. You want to flirt ? Go talk to her and don’t to it, it’s simple, shit.

scream at gym

Going back to my training, I did everything except for the Romanian Deadlift. In the long I loose my grip but I have less back pain, it means that my technique improves. I’m so happy, I can continue my training no need to reduce reps.

This summer will be cool.

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