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1-2 months ago I think, I increased the weight of my exercises and I had pain in my left knee and slightly in the lower back after the squat. After the squat, I did the deadlift which increased my pain in the lower back.

Because of that, I liked less and less the legs day and in the evening before going to bed I was a bit anxious because of the pain. One day I remembered that I used to like legs day legs before having changed the weight.

That day, I took my time to study more squat and change the order of exercises. I give you a link to a Mike Rashid ‘s video who help me.

Now for the squat the position of my feet are wider, so that I do sumo squat. I feel more stable and I have no pain in my knees. What a pleasure to squat !

After the squat, I go to the decline leg press like that my back rests. It’s super effective, I have no pain in the lower back and then I do the deadlift. Make the deadlift without pain in the lower back, it’s so cool !

Now, I like again the legs day and add rep or add weights not scare me anymore. I can evolve my legs like the rest of my body.

I show you my program for the legs: Abs -Legs



Plank on the right side

plank on side

Plank on the left side

plank on side

Decline crunch with weights

weighted decline crunch

Decline crunch twist with weights

weighted decline crunch twist

Knee hip raise with weights

knee hip raise



Decline leg press

decline leg press



Leg extension with one leg

leg extension

Lying leg curls with one leg

lying leg curls

You want a symmetrical body, think to work well your legs like the rest of your body.

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