Leg Extension


Today was leg’s day. I must confess that I begin to like more and more this day. Since I watched a Mike Rashid’s video in which he do squat to a girl in his way (especially this girl lifts more than me), it motivates me. Every time I squat I think about this girl because Mike Rashid pushes her to its limits and even in the end he said he went a little too far but the girl didn’t complain. She gave everything and I have a great respect for this warrior.

Usually I do Leg Extension with a machine, a machine with a cable like Lying Leg Curl. With this exercise, I have a pain around my left knee when I start to really work (ah yes, I do this exercise with one leg). The pain doesn’t prevent me to do exercice and disappears soon after. It’s not a pain that prevents me from working but I don’t know if lifting heavier weights it will worsen.

leg extension cable

When I wanted to do this exercise, the usual machine was broken but there is a new machine. This new machine is without cable and works with weights that are used to squat (the weight disc). I put my weights, I sit and doing exercise, no pain. Weird !?! When I do an exercise and it hurts, I am studying to improve my technique but when it’s on a machine, it’s not possible.

leg extension free weight
new machine

I don’t feel like I’m sitting in a different way and movement’s execution is almost the same. I don’t know how to explain but I could do it without pain. That’s cool, from today I will use this machine, it’s excellent. I’ll have better quadriceps, WOW.

And do you like legs day ?

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