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next level

Here, after 2 months, it’s time to change my routine,go to the next level. I am still at the stage where I have to add 2 reps per exercise. Here I am at 10 reps and today was Abs-Back-Biceps, actually for abs I do 12 repetitions with weights.

I really felt this training, I needed more time to recover between sets and I drank more than usual. My heart really beat faster and I was breathing with the mouth.

I really felt my back with dumbbell at 42kg (92 lbs) for the Row but there 2 exercices where I couldn’t do 10 repetitions in each set. This is the Incline Dumbbell Curls at 18kg (39 lbs) and Overhead Cable Curl at 20kg (44 lbs). I felt the pain my friends, I’m a little disappointed but biceps are one of my weaknesses.

incline dumbbell curl overhead cable curl

It’s funny because during my training a guy congratulated me because my arm was bigger. And I was : « No, I didn’t do 10 reps » kind I’m not satisfied with my arms. He would have told me that last week, I would have been proud but changing my routine, I realize that my adventure is not over.

Do you realize that people you see on videos who lifts more weights than you, have already experienced what you are experiencing now and they have continued despite pain and suffering ? Maybe 2 weeks ago I showed off a bit because I received several compliments by wearing a T-shirt but now I feel like a beginner.

It’s cool for me, I want to do 10 reps as I was doing 8 reps by this way, this summer I would be able to add weights. It’s always good to have new challenges.

challenge accepted

Be persistent, be better than yesterday is the key to success. You’re the only person who knows what is necessary for your hapiness. People criticizes you ? Let people talk, they are jealous, they know they don’t have the same courage as you then they try to humiliate you. You already know that you’re the winner.

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