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What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE. With my training, I’m interested in nutrition to stay in shape. I read a Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book « Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding » and I learned some good stuff.

Bodybuilders are unique athletes in the demands they have with their body. They want a maximum of muscle mass and a minimum of fat at the same time. For football, strongman or weightlifter athletes, they have a workout program to maximize the size and strength of the musles without worrying about reducing bodyfat. For boxing, wrestling or gymnastics athletes, they have a workout program that has allowed them to lose fat to be lean without really needing a diet to reduce bodyfat.

For bodybuilding competitions, bodybuilders must achieve a bodyfat level of 15-18% for women and 5-8% for men.

To learn constantly

bodybuilder, bodybuiling, food, nutrition, nutritionist, science

Bodybuilders have a small margin of error. They eat enough calories to grow muscles and they must be able to reduce their bodyfat by losing the minimum amount of muscle to be shredded. They can use aerobic exercise to burn the extra calories but it doesn’t have to deteriorate the strength training.

Bodybuidlers need to control calories by being careful to have enough protein to build and maintain muscles. Nutrition is complex and this science has a constant evolution. That’s why nutritionists teach us new things every day.

Fortunately, there are basic principles of nutrition that are implanted and mastering these fundamentals is essential for a bodybuilder to fully utilize his/her genetic potential for his/her physical development.

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Stop To Be Shredded Everytime

black shredded athlete

black shredded athlete

I watched a Jamcore DZ’s video  and I learned good stuff.

Spring is here and I see that everyone wants to be shredded to show off this summer. I think it’s interesting to explain the difference between be shredded or cutting phase and losing weight.

Be shredded or cutting phase comes from the bodybuilding’s field. After taking muscle mass, be shredded allows to show your muscles striated in detail.

People confuse be shredded or cutting phase and a loss of weight. When you do a good weight loss, you lose water and fat without losing muscle mass and bone mass. When you’re shredded or cutting phase, you lower your bodyfat to 5% to see your muscles in detail as a bodybuilder competing.

Please, women and girls, stop saying that you are shredded or cutting phase. Naturally you have more fat than men and that’s normal because it’s to feed the baby when you will be pregnant. Your body programmed for that and that’s normal. For a woman or a girl to be shredded, it’s necessary to take steroids like women who participate in bodybuilding competitions. A clean weight loss is excellent and sufficient for toning and having a beautiful body.

Let’s talk about weight loss. There are plenty of stupid draconian weight loss programs. These programs cause loss of muscle mass, loss of bone mass, slow down metabolism and create health problems. I wrote 2 articles about it, click here  and there for Part 1  and Part 2 .


body under construction

I agree with this point of view and I think it’s necessary to be patient before be shredded or cutting phase. Wait 5 years before doing your first cutting phase. Make a clean mass gain for 5 years. Jamcore DZ waited 7 years before to participate in his 1st competition. At the 2nd competition, he felt like he was flat net to his competitors. He waited 3 years before participate in his 3rd competition. 10 years to gain muscle clean with a healthy nutrition to have nice muscle mass when he’s shredded.

So wait at least 5 years to have a healty muscle mass gain before to be shredded or cutting phase. Maybe you find that long but see the reasons :

  • 1st reason : Learn and understand how your body works.

  • 2nd reason : Learn the art of patience. You’re going to have trouble but all the best things are hard to get. You will realize each summer with your friends who will show off but your friends are flat. They believe that they have muscle mass but in fact they’re thin and dry and you arrive and BOOOOM !

  • 3rd reason : After 5 years when you’re shredded, it will encourage you for the next cutting phase. You know that you have to rest your body for several years by gaining muscles in a healthy way to have a better body for the next time. I know that there are people who want to be shredded after 2 years but the results are poor : less experience and more muscle loss because there aren’t enough muscles that was built so a small muscle mass visible. Me, the first time I was shredded, I was disgusted, I felt flat because I had a small muscle mass visible.

    It’s depressing and most people when they’re in this situation, they think to take steroids to show off with pictures on social media. This is happening right now on social media.

  • 4th reason : The more you’re shredded, the more you will regress because you lose more and more muscles. When you’re shredded, you lose some of your muscles, this is the process. So if you do this every years or every 6 months, you lose each time a part of the muscles that you have built.

The most common question

ask question

To start, people who tell you that you can do this all your life are liars. When you start training, you do something new to your body several times a week. It’s like a romantic relationship with a girl. It’s beautiful and after 6 months, she starts to piss you off, you start to piss her off and after you breakup. For muscle mass, it’s the same principle. At first you’ll build muscles and you’ll change your composition’s body, it’s normal.

After a while (2-3 years), your body starts to adapt and you stagnate. That’s when you’re looking for a training system that suits you, you focus on muscle isolation during an exercise, you improve your recovery and you evolve slowly. Gaining healthy muscle takes time and you have to accept it.

At the beginning of your training, you’ll lose fat and water and gain muscle at the same time for 2-3 years and then you’ll stagnate. Most of people who gain muscle get fat because they eat too much and don’t do cardio. Cardio all year is important to help control your weight. When I say doing cardio, it means doing cardio at a middle level, not cardio at a high level to be shredded. Doing cardio while you’re gaining muscle helps you progress because you keep a metabolism that works.

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Body Update 21aug2016

body golden ratio

As the category « Body Massacre » is the documentation of my body’s evolution, it’s important that I show you my progress. My goal is to reach the golden ratio to get my body in X-shape. My goal isn’t to have 6-packs but to have a symetric and proportioned body.

The X-shape body X : It’s broad shoulders, thin waist, well-developed legs. All symbolize virility and strength.

Golden Ratio : This is a mathematical term that is comparing two things that led to the proportion between the two in an ideal way. The face is an excellent example, the face forms a golden rectangle with eyes in the middle. The mouth and nose are each placed at golden sections of the distance between the eyes and the bottom of the chin. Look at your face.

Comparing results have a ratio of 1: 1.618. For example if the length of your hand has a value of 1, the combined length of your hand + forearm has an approximate value of 1.618.

There are internet sites that allow you to calculate your ratio here and there

I use my app JEFIT  to track my evolution :

body progress jefit

This is the screenshot of my smartphone and yes, it’s in kilo and cm. When it’s green, it means I don’t reach the ratio.

For bodyfat’s percentage, I use the caliper and his table. It’s not super accurate, but it gives an idea of the situation. The day I want accurate informations, I would go to a laboratory to use a machine but for the moment the caliper is fine.

Here are my measurements :

  • Taille / Height : 175cm / 5.7ft
  • Poids / Weight  : 76.9kg / 169.5lbs
  • Graisse corp % / Bodyfat %: 5.6
  • Taille / Waist : 81.4cm / 32inches
  • Pectoraux / Chest : 95.8cm / 37.1inches
  • Bras / Arms : 33cm / 12inches
  • Avant-bras / Forearms : 29cm / 11.4inches
  • Epaule / Shoulder : 119cm / 46.85inches
  • Hanche / Hips : 92cm / 36.2inches
  • Cuisse / Thighs : 55.5cm / 21.85inches

Here are photos of 21 aug 2016, the morning fasting:

body update 21aug2016

You have seen, there are several green areas so I have progress to do, it’s cool. I’m not trying to be perfect, reach the golden ratio will give me a solid foundation.

And you ? Do you want to reach the golden ratio ?


Do You Want To Build Your Body Naturally ?

katniss eerdeen daniel craig

Ah ! You want to look like Katrnis Everdeen, Daniel Craig and Captain America. And immediately like Homer Simpson !

You’re in luck because there will always be magazines, products and supplements that promise you that you can have this body type in a few weeks/months. But you have no chance because the reality is not that. You can have these results, yes, after devoting time, energy, effort, discipline and dedication.

You wonder how to get there ? Most people think it’s necessary to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time to become a superhero. I talked about it in this article.

If you read the article, you know that my recommendations are to start to lose fat and then gain muscle. I’ll talk about it today and if you’re a very thin person, this article will help you.

My recommendations:

  • Lift heavy, gradually lift heavy

  • Include squat, deadlift and compound movements in your workout program

  • Sleep as much as possible

  • Eating more calories especially training days with a lots of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables.

  • Repeat month after month after month after month after month

  • When you doubt, eat more than you think

  • If you gained too much fat, reduces carbohydrate calories on non-training days.

For skinny people, you’ll have to struggle to eat more because you don’t eat enough. By eating more you’ll build muscle and add fat. After a few weeks, you can lose fat if you notice that your bodyfat percentage continues to rise.

« And Steph, I have a problem, I can’t go to the gym ! Can I gain muscle with bodyweight exercises ? »

bodyweight workout

Hear me well, you can gain muscle with bodyweight exercises, gymnasts trains mostly like that. But it will be damn hard like Metal Gear at the most difficult level, especially for your legs. If you want to gain muscle as fast as possible, it’s almost a requirement to have a barbell for squat and deadlift.

This world isn’t a Disney movie and there’s something important, genetics – there are people who are naturally thin, people who gain fat easily or gaining muscle easily. In all cases we must struggle to get results (those earning muscle easily, at the first plateau, they stagnate and cry !). Each has its genetic and we can do our best to fight in this battle but for some people the struggle will be harder than others.

« And Steph, I want more muscle but not too much »

marc fitt dennis wolf

miss bikini fitness female bodybuilder

You see, this question comes from people who are just starting a workout program, especially girls.

The unknown is scary and we’re afraid to do somethings if we don’t know how our bodies will react. Added mainstream magazine that say « lift light weights to tone arms ! » and you imagine quickly if you lift heavy weights, you will become like Hulk.

The truth: If you want to become like Hulk chose training that matches, that means: a hypertrophy training (increase muscle size), have a superior genetics, taking steroids, eat like a horse and focus on nothing except the muscle size for YEARS. If you don’t want to be like Hulk, you will not be like Hulk. Don’t do these things above, it’s simple.

It’s true that from a genetic point of view, there are people who gain muscle more quickly than others, but this is not a radical difference. It’s people who are very thin and have a fast metabolism who ask this question. Once they gain 18-22kg (40-50lbs) of muscle and fat, they’ll soon realize that their body is much better and they will never think to ask this question again.




I do my cardio every Sunday morning (sometimes I don’t do it when I drank too much alcohol on Saturday). I do this for my breath work, transfer of weight on my legs and keep my bodyfat level. I am 175 cm (5.74 ft), 78kg (171.9 lbs) and 8% bodyfat, I have a proper physical.

Oh stop, I found a super important stuff: 4 beers cancels the training of the day and it’s useless to train the next day because the testosterone level has fallen too much to help recover. I’ll write about it.

People often wonder what distance I do or how many calories I burn. I do a hill program on the treadmill at the level 9 of 12 for 50 minutes => Calories: 645; Distance: 7.04 km (4.37 mi); Speed: 8.5 km/h (5.2 mph); Incline: 3.3%. Everytime it’s the same reaction: « Oh only ?!? » and they explained that I should normally have better results.

3 years ago when people gave me this kind of remark that annoyed me and it made me doubt of my performance. Yesterday, a member of the gym told me that with the elliptical machine, he burned the same number of calories in 30 minutes.

cardio types

Now, you know in my head, I say « Fuck you ! Who do you think you are, if you have a better physique than me I hear you, otherwise, Fuck you ! » and it’s rare I meet someone who has a better physique than me. I don’t live in a city where there are a lot of professional athletes.

I like running, I like to stompling the ground, I like to feel the weight of my body on each leg. Small, my karate teacher made me run and I learned to like it. I run for 50 minutes at an average speed of 8.5 km/h (5.2 mph) with an average incline of 3.3%. I know I can do better because there are people who do better than me but people that think I didn’t do enough can do it ? I don’t think so, NO !

How is possible that people who have less good physical than you can afford to tell you that what you do isn’t enough ? They’re HATERS, it’s the only answer I found. Trying to understand why they say this type of comment is useless.

Doing the type of cardio that you like and progress. People will tell you to do this and that but they don’t do the quarter of what you’re doing. Dr Dre said something like that in his latest album « Compton », it’s « All in a day’s work ». You must stay focus on your progress and ignores the others. You’re doing this for you, not for someone to congratulate you. It’s to make you congratulate yourself, that’s all.


Monday’s Mentality (Part 1)

monday mentality

What is The Monday’s Mentality ?

When you’re trying to gain muscle, to be healthier or to lose fat, there are 3 things you need to change: your diet, your attitude and (perhaps most importantly) your attitude about your diet.

Having the right mentality allows you to avoid pitfalls. Wait, I’ll show you.

You follow your diet and everything is good. One day you’re going to eat lunch with your buddies. Everyone takes a hamburger except you. You take a spinach salad with chicken and olive oil.

You follow the plan as expected. You fibers and antioxidants from the spinach, proteins from chicken and healthy monounsaturated fats from olive oil.

You should be proud of you, you respect the plan but you lose your mind, you go nuts, you’re going berserk.

Because you want a burger.

hello monday

You’re in a state of extreme emotional dissonance. You do the opposite of what you must do. It’s been so long that you are in this psychological dissonance that you can crack.

You want to stay strong but at the end of the meal, you’ll decide to take a dessert.

Yes, yes, there is, you’ve cracked.

Well, it’s not because you had dessert that your body fat is not going down and it will not completely sabotage your efforts but usually it’s the beginning of problems.

Oddly people when they make a misstep in their diets thinking, « Damn, I’ve ruined today. Well I eat what I want today and tomorrow I do everything well ».

This is not bad in itself. However for many people, they make the same mistake the next day and the next day and finally « I do everything well tomorrow » becomes « I start again Monday ».

Monday’s Mentality

hello monday

Since time immemorial, the gym is full on Monday. It’s funny, new resolutions always begins on a Monday.

This is why I call it the Monday’s mentality:

  • « I’ll go to the gym on Monday »

  • « Starting Monday, I’m doing cardio every day »

  • « Monday new diet plan ! This will be my last “bad” meal »

It reminds you someone, right ?

When you already have an exercise and diet program, Monday’s mentality’s excuses are:

  • « I already missed two workouts, it’s a busy week. I should rest and start again on Monday ».

  • « Well, I eat cookies. The whole day is dead, I’ll start again on Monday ».

  • « I drank a few beers during the evening. I begin again on Monday but this time more seriously. No more alcohol ».

I call name it the best deception. All these excuses prevent you from reaching your success (that you deserve). This prevent you from making progress in limiting beliefs that you can’t correct yourself in the week. Even worse, it encourages you to give up when you almost have a week without fail.

You’ve already heard it was useless to repeat the same things and expect different results. Yet so many people do it, they fall in the trap of Monday all their life.

That is why in Part 2, I will show you 2 things to do to finish it: Remove the reset button of the plan and learn to make small mistakes

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Building a Perfect Posterior (Part 3)

 building posterior muscle

(or lost more than 100 lbs [45 kg]

Minimum Effective Dose –

How to lose 3% BodyFat in an hour per month

burn bodyfat

Flower B. Didn’t have as far to lose weight as Tracy.

Fleur was, like many people, simply unable to lose the last pounds (kilograms) of additional fat, regardless how hard she tried. She dad hit the wall.

Running few miles (kilometers) three times a week had no effect: “For the quantity of exercise I do, the results should be much better”. She was, however, against a rigid diet and wanted keep curves she loved.

How to cross the last mile (kilometer) of fat loss ?

A Flower was addicted to bread by culture (European) and addicted to work (journalist). Tim Ferriss proposed a set of goal that would be difficult and she would need to commit to exercises self-control for the first two weeks until her craivings disappear. This way, she would be doubly encouraged when it didn’t prove hard after the first 72 hours. Setting the expectation that things will be easy results in disappointment and quitting at the smallest hiccup. If you prepare yourself for massive challenges and no such challenges crop up, it will be a pleasant surprise. This encourages you to be even more aggressive with changes.

Remember: the recomposition of the body depend on behavior modification (See ‘From Photos to Fear” if necessary) than on memorizing the right list of instructions.

Tim Ferriss proposed a four-week test focusing on the swing and minuscule dietary changes, which Fleur agreed to:

  1. She switched her breakfast to a high-protein meal (at least 30% protein) à la the Slow-Carb Diet. Her favorite: spinach, black beans, and egg whites (one-third of a carton of Eggology liquid egg whites) with cayenne pepper flakes.
  2. Three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), she performed a simple sequence of three exercises prior to breakfast, all of which are illustrated in the next few pages:

One set: 20 two-legged glute activation raises from the floor

One set: 15 flying dogs, one set each side

One set: 50 kettlebell swings (For you: start with a weight that allows you to do 20 perfect repetitions but no more than 30. In other words, start with a weight, no less than 20 pounds, that you can “grow into.”)

That’s it. Total prescribed exercise: about 5 minutes per session × 3 sessions = 15 minutes per week. One hour over the course of a month.

Fleur’s before-and-after measurements were separated by five weeks because she was traveling. Even if we increase the estimated exercise time to 75 minutes total, the results are impressive.


kettlebell swing

Total weight: 139 lbs. => 136 lbs (63 kg => 61 kg).

Bodyfat %: 21.1% (29.33 lbs / 13.3 kg .) => 18% (24.48 lbs. / 11.1 kg—almost 1 lb / 0.45 kg of fat lost per week)

Thigh fat thickness: 10.4 mm => 10.2 mm

Tricep fat thickness: 9.7 mm => 7.7 mm

Waist fat thickness: 7.0 mm => 4.1 mm