The Mistake Of Learning From Mistakes


I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff.

It’s true that learn from your mistakes is a good method to improve yourself but you can do a huge mistake by doing this. Let me explain to you, the huge mistake is to only learn from your own mistakes. Look the world, we’re billions and there are billions of people who lives before us. As everyone makes mistakes, learning from mistakes of others is also a good strategy.

Mistakes of others

mistake others

Look mistakes from people who are in the domain where you want progress allow you to save time and money. I think we know it but we forget to do it quickly. It’s important to have a strategy to learn from mistakes of others to progress.

I tell you the truth, I also made this mistake several times. Sometimes I noticed that I had a talent and I was alone in solo thinking that I was smart enough to succeed. I thought I didn’t need professors, books, etc. It’s an ego trip, it’s the best method to waste time and almost guarantee failure. Yes, I know there are exceptions, some people happen to be successful in being solitary wolves but it’s clear that they lose a lot of time.

No matter where you want to succeed, there is a golden rule. You need master the basics ! Once you master the basics, you can be creative but not before.

You can try to be creative before master the basics and in 90 % of the cases you’ll fail, it’s true. Look at people who are successful, people who are creative, they were all newbies and they all learned the basics.


Looks at the creative chefs who have restaurants with 3 stars in the Michelin guide. Do you think at the first day in kitchen, they said to themselves : « Go, I make a crazy recipe ? ». No, they learned to cook rice, pasta and they had to learn the basics like everyone else.

There is a company very creative that is Cirque Du Soleil  that reinvented the show. You notice that there is a lot of circus inspiration and other domains. It looks very similar to fusion restaurants. You know this concept where you take the best recipes from 2 countries and you make a mix of 2 to make a menu.

Learn form mistakes of others



The simplest method is to read the biography from people who are successful in the field where you evolve. You’ll learn a lot of things, you’ll see that they strarted from nothing and sometimes they made incredible mistakes. Reading biographies helps you avoid making these mistakes.


Be in touch with people who are successful in your field. Don’t absolutely look for people who are at the level where you would like to be, communicate with people who are better than you. Ask them what are the classic mistakes that beginners make.

Put in place a stratregy to know mistakes of others and solutions they used to move forward. You’ll see, this will save you from unnecessary stress.

Attention is a thing to do in addition to attend trainings, see tutorials in video,etc.

What I mean is not be a lone wolf. Connect you, inform you, be curious, attends trainings and find mistakes that you must not make before you make them.


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Imitate Before Innovate

imitate before innovate

I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and there is good stuff.

A lot of beginners make the mistake to reinvente the wheel because they don’t want to follow an exemple of someone. They tink because human beings are unique, they must create something original. It’s not wrong in the principle but it’s wrong in the process

Here the story of 2 friends of Olivier Roland.

Study case

These 2 friends created a blog about personal development for men. This blog worked good and they made the first product 1 year after the blog’s creation. They each earn around EUR 1000.- per month. It was cool because they were students and the blog had more success.

The problem is that one of the two partners got big headed because of success. He wanted to create a product totally different, a different format and break the rules.They launched the second product and unfortunately it was a huge failure.

The partner who wanted brea the rules took this failure personally and he decided to abandon the blog. The 2 friends didn’t find a agreement and they stopped the blog.


Here a sad exemple of a company that had a great potential. All because of arrogance. Sometimes we must understand we don’t know everything. There are things we don’t understand how they work but they are efficient. Be skeptical. Test and see if it work for you.

In our case, this guy tested a new model and he abandoned because he took it personally, too much ego ! It doesn’t matter, don’t feel guilty. It’s normal to have failures but at the beginning imitate instead innovate.

Jim Rohn said :

« Success leaves clues »

jim rohn

You can study how successful people you admire made. You can imitate some strategies, techniques and methods they used. Once after you reaching a certain point, you can add your personal touch, only at this moment

Do you know a case where the  arrogance destroyed the potential ?


Wrong Dumbbell Lateral Raise

seated dumbbell lateral raise

By increasing the weight last week, I felt my deltoids work less for seated dumbbell lateral raise. Following several Fitness channels on YouTube, there were a video that talked about this exercise 2-3 days later . I watch and I realize that I was making a big mistake.

The weight is 28kg (61 lbs) and I balance a lot to lift. I just chose to do seated exercise to cheat less by moving my body but I redid the error. Watching 3 times the video, I’ve realized that I had to drop the weight to just do well the exercise. Lift the weight with the back straight from the start and not bend like I did before.

It’s the same ego problem that I had with the Romanian Deadlift. To my shoulder exercises I used the same weight and I wanted to keep it. Yesterday I watched my program’s video, that of Jim Stoppani and he uses differents weights for differents shoulders exercises. You tell me that this is normal but I was so happy or proud to do all shoulders exercises with the same weight that I was doing wrong.

It’s true, people have told me that my shoulders had evolved ,. it is good but the video said if we do badly this exercice, it will damage the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff muscles are important in shoulders movements and in shoulders joints maintenance and stabilization. These muscles originate from the scapula and connect to the humerus head (the head of the arm bone). They hold humerus head in the small and shallow hole of the scapula. humeral head is as big as a golf ball, it’s not big.

rotator cuff

I prefer not to damage this body part body, you see. As I’ve told you, I have two friends who dislocated theirs shoulder during bench press and now they can’t work their chest and shoulders. Strengthen my shoulders to not dislocate them, that’s something I like.

Fuck my ego, I’ll decrease weight to just do well the exercise, back to basic. Really, decreased repetitions numbers to do well technically the Romanian deadlift, make me feel good, this is serious. The satisfaction of a well done exercise, it’s cool. It will do the same things for seated dumbbell lateral raise , it’s cool.

And you ? Do you quickly realize when you do wrong an exercice ?


Mauvaise Elevation Latérale

seated dumbbell lateral raise

En augmentant les poids la semaine dernière, j’avais l’impression de moins sentir mes deltoïdes travailler pour l’élévation latérale avec haltères assis. Abonnées sur plusieurs chaîne de Fitness sur YouTube, il y avait une vidéo qui parlait de cette exercice 2-3 jours après. Je la regarde et je me rends compte que j’étais en train de faire une grosse erreur.

Le poids est de 28kg (61 lbs) et je me balance beaucoup pour le soulever. J’avais justement choisi de faire l’exercice assis pour pouvoir moins tricher en bougeant mon corps mais j’ai refait l’erreur. En regardant 3 fois la vidéo, je me suis rendu compte qu’il fallait que je baisse les poids pour bien faire l’exercice. Soulever les poids avec le dos droit dès le départ et pas me pencher en avant comme je le faisait.

C’est le même problème d’ego que j’ai eu avec le soulevé de terre roumain. Pour tous mes exercices d’épaules j’utilisais les mêmes poids et je voulais garder ça. Hier, j’ai regardé la vidéo de mon programme, celui de Jim Stoppani et il utilise des poids différents pour les différents exercices d’épaule. Tu me diras que c’est normal mais j’étais tellement content ou fier de pouvoir faire tous les exercices des épaules avec le même poids que je les faisais faux.

C’est vrai, des personnes m’ont dit que mes épaules avaient évolué,. c’est bien mais la vidéo dit que si nous faisons mal l’exercice, ça endommage la coiffe des rotateurs (rotator cuff). Les muscles de la coiffe rotateurs sont important dans les mouvements des épaules et dans le maintien et la stabilisation des articulations des épaules. Ces muscles proviennent de l’omoplate et se connectent à la tête de l’humérus (la tête de l’os du bras). Ils tiennent la tête de l’humérus dans le petit et peu profond trou de l’omoplate. La tête de l’humérus est grande comme une balle de golf, ce n’est pas grand.

rotator cuff

Je préfère ne pas endommager cette partie du corps, tu vois. Comme je te l’ai dit, j’ai 2 amis qui se sont déboîté l’épaule pendant du développé couché et maintenant il ne peuvent plus faire évoluer leurs pectoraux et leurs épaules. Renforcer mes épaules pour ne pas qu’ils se déboîtent, ça c’est quelque chose qui me plaît.

Fuck mon ego, je vais baisser les poids pour bien faire l’exercice, retour à la base. Franchement, baisser le nombre de répétitions pour bien faire techniquement le soulevé de terre roumain m’a fait du bien, c’est sérieux. La satisfaction d’un exercice bien fait, c’est cool. Ça va faire la même choses pour le soulevé latérale avec haltères assis,c’est cool.

Et toi, tu te rends vite compte quand tu fais mal un exercice ?


Horrible Romanian Deadlift

fail deadlift

I told you that I had added weights in my training program and exercises I couldn’t do all reps in a good form, I kept the same weight but I do 5 sets of 6 reps for work technique.

But there is an exception for squat and Romanian Deadlift because I make another periodization. For these two exercices, I have not added weights but I increased 2 repetitions. Squat with 4 sets of 10 reps at 110 kg (242 lbs), it’s good. Romanian Deadlift, NO ! In the first set, technically it was shit. I had to do 4 sets of 10 repetitions in each set and the repetitions numbers was different for each.

It was whatsoever ! Now I think I could have hurt myself. My ego took over, I wanted to do a good performance as squat. In each set, I think I lost my grip in the 6-7th repetition. When you hold the the barbell with your fingertip, you start to make strange movements.

fail deadlift

I confess, I’m not yet ready to do 4 sets of 10 repetitions with 110kg (242 lbs). There it’s done ! So from now, I’ll do 5 sets of 6 reps. I put it in the category of exercises that I have to work technique and especially the grip.

I don’t know why but I wanted that squat and Romanian deadlift have the same weight to each periodization but it doesn’t work. Each muscle group evolves in its own way, so each exercice have its own weights. It’s simple but I was obsessed to make my performances with squat and Romanian Deadlift with the same weight, it’s weird ?!?

I see only one solution, it was an ego trip and an ego trip is useless. I will return to the base with Romanian deadlift. And you ? You’re already happened to persist in a exercice and do a different repetitions number in each sets ?


Horrible Soulevé De Terre Roumain

fail deadlift

Je t’avais dit que j’avais augmenté les poids dans mon programme d’entraînement et les exercices où je n’arrivais pas à faire toutes les répétitions de façon propre, je gardais le même poids mais je fais 5 séries de 6 répétitions pour mieux travailler la technique.

Mais il y a une exception pour le squat et le soulevé de terre roumain parce que je fais une autre périodisation. Pour ces 2 exercices, je n’ai pas augmenté le poids mais j’ai augmenté de 2 répétitions Le squat avec 4 séries de 10 répétitions à 110 kg, c’est bon. Le soulevé de terre roumain, NON ! A la 1ère série, techniquement c’était de la merde. Je devais faire 4 séries de 10 répétitions et à chaque série le nombre de répétitions était différent.

C’était n’importe quoi ! Maintenant que j’y repense, j’aurais même pu me blesser. Mon ego avait pris le dessus, je voulais faire une bonne performance comme au squat. A chaque série, je pense que je perdais ma prise de main à la 6-7ème répétitions. Quand tu tiens la barre du bout des doigts, tu commences à faire des mouvements bizarre.

fail deadlift

Je l’avoue, je ne suis pas encore prêt pour faire 4 séries de 10 répétitions à 110kg. Voilà, c’est fait ! Donc, à partir de maintenant, je vais faire 5 séries de 6 répétitions. Je le mets dans la catégorie des exercices où je dois travailler la technique et surtout la prise de main.

Je ne sais pas pourquoi mais je voulais que le squat et le soulevé de terre roumain aient le même poids à chaque périodisation mais ça ne marche pas. Chaque groupe musculaire évolue à sa façon donc chaque exercice à son propre poids. C’est simple mais j’étais obsédé de faire en sorte que mes performances avec le squat et le soulevé de terre roumain soient avec le même poids, bizarre ce délire ?!?

Je ne vois qu’une seule solution, c’était un ego trip et un ego trip ne sert à rien. Je vais revenir à la base avec le soulevé de terre roumain. Et toi ? Ça t’es déjà arrivé d’être obstiné sur un exercice et de faire un nombre de répétitions différent à chaque série ?



ego marvel

Today it was Abs – Back – Biceps. After my workout I realized that I had played with my ego during the session. I often see people trying to lift too heavy but insists. It’s clear that it’s the ego but to impress who ? I don’t know. Many people advised me to let my ego to the locker room to avoid unnecessary injuries and I agree with them.

But today it happened something different. There’s a guy in the gym who is taller than me and has more mass. The 1st time I saw him, I was impressed by his physical and then with time we start a little talk. Now I know he will do his 1st Deadlift competition soon.

The next exercice I had to do was standing biceps curl  then I look for the barbell at 99 lbs (45kg). The barbell was behind him, I ask him if I can use. He replied: « Go it’s too heavy ». He did standing bicep curl with a barbell at 44 lbs (20kg). And then in my head I begin to say : « What he can’t lift it, serious ?!?! ». I replied « Don’t worry soon you’ll be able to lift, me too at first I couldn’t ». I take the barbell and I do my 4 sets of 10 repetitions (with difficulty). I know he saw me and his friends also.

deception face

Then I imagine lots of stuff in my head : « Yeah it’s a show-off, I’m stronger than him, etc ». Then I remembered that he was preparing for a Deadlift competition. It’s necessary to have powerful biceps to Deadlift ? NO. And I calmed down because a tennis player doesn’t have the same training as a football player !

standing biceps curl deadlift

In Deadlift, it’s clear he’s better than me then why I should believe I’m stronger than him when we haven’t the same objectives. And yes, it’s my ego was activated when I saw that I lift more than him with standing bicep curl. I train only for me and my opponent is myself, not others. I have to learn more to help others rather than believe I’m superior than them, that’s how I build my solid legacy.

Ah, ego can be really vicious and you ? Did you feel ,one time, superior to someone because you could do something better than this person ?