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Why There Are Confusion In Fitness

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Here is a good question about confusion in the fitness industry. I see many people starting a training program with a nutritional plan and later they stop. There are two times of the year when we can see this: after the new year and before the summer.

It’s fascinating because when you talk to them, they have a huge motivation. They learn to do exercises with good performance and learn fitness vocabulary.

The problem is why they left? Here are the most common answers:

  • Huge quick result
  • Bad types of motivation
  • Fear of pain
  • Bad gym environment
  • Lack of support


There is also something else that can help people quit, it’s a confusion in the fitness industry. You can find many conflicting theories to have a better body.

You can lose your head with the advice of your personal trainer, members of your gym and the Internet. Especially the advice of people who use steroids and claim to be natural. How many times I have not followed someone on social media because of a fake natural body.

Are people in the fitness industry all liars? No, but the hype is such that many people create fake things to attract more attention.

The only way to avoid the majority of lies is to be a fitness student. Look, when you learn a new skill, you must take courses and pass exams. Imagine that you had to delegate a task to save time. If you know the process and how long you need to do it, no one can fool you. If it’s not the case, it’s a problem. It happens in all industries, but we’re talking about your body, your health. We have one life, so it is useful to know a little more about the functioning of our body.

There is a fitness vocabulary that people don’t understand the meaning of the words. Ask someone what is gluten? You will see the vague answer. Gluten is a family of protein found in grains. It gives the dough its elasticity and makes bread soft and chewy. Same case for metabolism, insulin, etc.

Note: This is an article on the series “How to get fit” to help people not quit their training programs.

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