Manage Repetition When There Is A Lot Of Content


I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff.

There is a secret to manage repetitions when there is a lot of content. The secret is that you don’t need to manage your repetitions when you have a mission to learn something from your audience. To make a transfer of knowledge to your audience.

Attention, if every day you repeat the same thing, you will make your audience run away. I think you know the limit yourself.

Here are 2 benefits of repeating your content, education and editorial. 



One the great keys to education is repetition. Being regularly confronted with knowledge make it possible to memorize and use this knowledge in everyday life.


text audio video image format

  1. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel all the time. You can recycle content that you published 6 months, 1 year, 2 years ago, etc.

    If you look at a magazine and compare that the magazine has published in previous years, you will see that there is a lot of content that repeats itself.

  2. You can recycle this content in a different way. You can talk about this content with a different angle because your opinion has evolved (you have improved your knowledge on this subject).

  3. You can recycle this content in a different format. There are 3 type of formats : text, audio and video.

You can be the best in your country, there will always be people who have never read the article you published 2 years ago.

Transfer of knowledge

pass knowledge

It’s necessary to repeat your content for people who discover what you’re doing and haven’t yet consumed your content. If you write your articles thinking that your audience is taking the time to read all of your previous articles, you’re making a mistake and you could lose a part of your audience.

Repetition is necessary in education because human beings forget things easily.

People in your audience who read one of your article a year ago, will forget 3/4 of the content. And it’s the same thing for you when you read someone else’s content. That’s why recycling this content with a different angle or format allows your audience to learn better and memorize better.

If your mission is to make a transfer of knowledge, repetition is a great way to motivate people to take action. It forces people in your audience to ask : « Did I use that knowledge ? Did I act ? ». I didn’t create my blog to do intellectual masturbation. I create and recycle my content to motivate people to take action.

It’s possible that I wrote an article and that a part of my audience didn’t understand it. Recycling this article with a different angle or format may allow this part of my audience to better understand this article. The more I write and the better I can explain, it’s cool.

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Studying Success

study success

I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff.

Here a quote from Jim Rohn : « Success leaves clues».

In all areas, you can study how others have succeeded.

To understand the concepts of studying success in a good way, I’ll take the magician’s exemple. A magicien make a show in front of thousands of people and what happens is that thousands of people see things that doesn’t exist and doesn’t see things that exists. Thinking about that, we’re always impressed by the magicien show because they do things we have never seen.

How learn

be interested in

Studying success is the opposite. You need to see the things that exist but are hidden and not let you blinded by illusions.

To be able to study success successfully, there are a few tricks :

  • Read biographies or autobiographies of successful people in your field. It‘s even more interesting to read the biography after the person is dead because the hidden elements are revealed.

  • You can meet successful people if they’re still alive to ask questions or participate in a seminar.

Collecting the knowledge of successful people will help you speed up your success.

Techniques subtleties

study success

It’s like when I learned a Pencak Silat’s technique (Indonesian martial art). My teacher showed me a technique and I said to myself : « Oh, it’s easy ! ». After 3 attempts, I realized that it was difficult. I couldn’t perform this technique and I didn’t understand how to do it.

After a few minutes, I asked my teacher how he did that. You have to know ask for help to unlock a situation and not take it as a weakness.

My teacher explained to me that brute force wasn’t the most important element in this technique. You have to know how to use gravity and angle. Click, I had the technique and even I was surprised by the result. But my technique is much less fluid and « aesthetic » than my teacher (it’s nice to see when my teacher does this). I still have a lot of work to do.

Focus on things that exist and stop being disturbed by illusions (newspapers, magazines, gossips, etc). Look for the source by being in direct contact with people who are successful in your field.

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Beginners Errors


I read a Nerd Fitness article  and there is good stuff.

Chasing the illusion


« This training shocks muscle », « it’s a training from army » or « this diet work without change what you usually eat ». You have already heard these slogans several times I think.

This type of advertising always encourages us to look for the last training program, last supplement, DVD,etc.

We’re happpy, we can have an athletic body in 3 weeks with a training program. We believe it but after 3 weeks, we have little result, we stop and we depress. It was an illusion.

All the year, be consistent and patient, this is the solution. 2 elements are enough to be healty : diet and exercices. Matrix’s companies sell us illusions like « this training program target the belly’s fat ». These illusions have as objectives to incite us to buy them and not to help us to be healthy.

Select a simple training program and use it all the year. I offer simple and free training programs for all body muscles. Test it.

Remember, the body need a maximum of 12 weeks to be accustommed to a new diet and a training program. Once your body is used to it, you have to wait several years to have an athletic body (3 years). Day after day your body improves but it’s first inside and after outside. Your internal organs have priority.



Our emotions prevent us from being in good health. Do you don’t believe me ? Here some exemples :

  • I did my training session today, I can eat cookies
  • I eat a cookie just one time. It’s good, another one
  • It was hard today at work, I need to eat it

We need to learn to control our minds by associating positive emotions with exercices and healthy diet. It’s important because we can have some cases where we eat 1000 calories of cookies and we burn only 300 calories during a training session. These emotions These emotions make us make exceptions and if we do them more often, we risk doing no training and healthy meals in the week.

Do meditation and follow a personal development’s program are great to reprogram our minds.

Tips to start

  • Use calendar’s alert in your smartphone for your training session

  • Cook your healthy meals of the day ahead

  • When you’re hungry between meals, drink water

  • If you want watch TV, do bodyweight exercices before



Often people think that do physical exercices isn’t fun. They imagine that to be in good health, it’s eat salad and run for hours or be on a bench surrounded by athletic people. This image is enough to discourage a lot of people.

I’m healthy and I don’t eat salad, I have my portion of vegetables. I run once a week and there is others way to do exercices like strenght training, gymnastics, frisbee, hike, etc. Find the physical activity you like. If you do a physical activity you don’t like, choose another. You need to have pleasure doing this physical activity. If you don’t have any idea, do a search on internet.



Women say often « I don’t want lift weight because I don’t want bulk ». Then women avoid dumbbells and run for hours and do crunchs. And if they use dumbbells, they choose the lightest possible.

Women have this behavior because in a women’s magazine, they read that to have a « toned » body, it’s necessary to make high reps with lightweight.

A « toned » body is a word or term create by marketing specially for women. Women can’t bulk up by lifting weight. To bulk up, it’s necessary to eat more calories than the body burn them. The truth to have a « toned » body is that you have to use heavy strength training with low repetitions

The most articles write in magazines, it’s the Matrix to ruin your life. It’s lies and the proof is that women are still looking for an effective training progam. Look, my sister still doesn’t listen to my advice and 4 times a year, she changes her workout.

A strenght training is great to build compact (or « toned ») muscles. Test a strenght training for a month, do a picture before/after and I sure that your pant’s size will change. Test it one time with a healthy diet.


I know a lot of people that read a hundred of documents about fitness/bodybuilding and they don’t do a sport activity. Theory without practice is useless except to show off in front of friends. Einstein to validate his theories had to test them on the field. I don’t know, may be they’re afraid to choose a bad training program and diet ?

If you want my opinion, start today. Select a training program and follow it. The truth is that there is no perfect training program. And the secret of a perfect training program is to use it and adjust it month after month. Here are the steps of the perfect training program :

  • Select a training programme

  • Follow this program for 8-12 weeks

  • Track your progress

  • Look how your body change

  • Make adjustments

  • Repeats all these steps to infinity

Which training program you had the least results with ?


P.S. Do you want a free training program ? Click here 

Smartphone apps :

To track my calories, I use MyFitnessPal 

To track my training program, I use Jefit 

Girls Myths (Part 1)

girls lift heavy

My sister asked me some advice to choose a gym. Out of curiosity, I asked her training. Her response : « This is just forthe lower body ». I replied that it would be good that she train works the upper body but she didn’t look convinced. That’s why I will go further in details in this article.

To start, marketing fitness for girls is like Hollywood, this is a bluff. If they told the truth, it would be :

  • « You want to have a toned body and abs ? Don’t waste your time with that ! »

  • « You want to lose belly fat ? Abs machines will not help you ! »

  • « You want to be stronger ? You have to lift something heavier than that ! »

In every magazine, there are programs that promise you amazing results with lightweights and rotten equipment. Programs only for abs, thighs and butt. How do you want to have a healthy body, if you train only 50% of the body ? toned legs but flabby arms, flabby shoulders and flabby back, it’s super sexy!

A girl who lifts heavy will become a bodybuilder

girls lift heavy

There are celebrities (Gwyneth Paltrow) who aren’t lifted weights over 1.5kg (3lbs). It’s a joke, she pays a personal trainer to have a better health but she lifts lighter things than a chair !?!

Pay attention, if you lift something heavier than a chair you’ll become a bodybuilder !

Girls bodybuilders train, eat, and take special supplements to achieve this. And above all, it’s been over 10 years that they have this type of lifestyle.

If you lift heavy, your muscles will be stronger but not necessarily bigger. Look, you lift heavy and you eat with a calorie deficit (healthy food) and your muscles will be stronger and dense, you will burn fat into muscle and get a toned body.

Locate fat reduction


  • Side bend – makes your laterals muscles stronger without reduce fat. This can even increase your waist unless you change your diet.

  • Situps – Don’t reduce belly fat. This may even damage your lower back. This is an incomplete exercise.

Your body can’t reduce fat where you exactly want. If you have flabby arms, do thousands of bicep curl not going to help. Your body is genetically predisposed to store fat in certain place in a certain order. When you start to lose weight, your body will lose fat in different places in a specific order. The order is unique to each person because it’s related to genetics.

To lose fat, eat better. Your diet is responsible for 80-90% of your fat loss.

I hope that the first part helped you. In the next part I will discuss myths of « cardio to lose weight » and « a program works for all the girls ».

And you ? What are your myths for fitness/bodybuilding ?


Les Mythes Des Filles (Part 1)

girls lift heavy

Ma sœur m’a demandé conseil pour choisir un gym. Par curiosité, je lui ai demandé son entraînement. Sa réponse : « C’est juste pour le bas du corps ». J’ai répondu que ce serait bien qu’elle travaille le haut du corps mais elle n’avait pas l’air convaincu. C’est pour cela que je vais allé plus en détail dans cet article.

Pour commencer, le fitness marketing pour les filles, c’est comme Hollywood, c’est du bluff. S’il disait la vérité, ce serait :

  • « Tu veux avoir un corps tonique et des abdos ? Ne perds pas ton temps avec ça ! »

  • « Tu veux perdre du ventre ? Les machines à abdos ne vont pas t’aider ! »

  • « Tu veux avoir plus de force ? Tu dois soulevé quelque chose plus lourd que ça ! »

Dans tous les magazines, il y a des programmes qui te promettent des résultats incroyables avec des poids légers et des équipements pourris. Des programmes uniquement pour les abdos, les cuisses et les fesses. Comment tu veux avoir un corps sain, si tu entraînes uniquement 50 % du corps ? Jambes toniques mais bras, épaules et dos flasques, c’est super sexy !

Une fille qui soulève lourd va devenir un bodybuilder

girls lift heavy

Il y a des célébrités (Gwyneth Paltrow) qui ne doivent pas soulevé des poids de plus de 1.5kg (3lbs). C’est une blague, elle paie un coach pour avoir une meilleur santé mais elle soulève des choses plus légères qu’une chaise !?!

Fait attention, si tu soulève quelque chose plus lourd qu’une chaise tu vas devenir un bodybuilder !

Les fille bodybuilders s’entraînent, mangent et prennent des suppléments spéciaux pour arriver à ce résultat. Et surtout cela fait plus de 10 ans qu’elles ont ce type de style de vie.

Si tu soulèves lourds, tes muscles vont être plus forts mais pas nécessairement plus gros. Regarde, tu soulèves lourds et tu manges avec un déficit de calories (nourriture saine) et tes muscles vont être plus forts et dense, tu vas brûler de la graisse dans le muscle et tu auras un corps tonique.

Localiser la réduction de graisse


  • Side bend – rend plus fort les muscles latéraux sans réduire la graisse. Cela peut même augmenter le tour de taille sauf si tu change ton alimentation.

  • Situps – Ne diminue pas la graisse du ventre. Cela peut même endommage le bas du dos. C’est un exercice incomplet.

Ton corps ne peut pas réduire la graisse à l’endroit où tu veux précisément. Si tu as des bras flasques, faire des milliers de curl biceps ne vas pas aider. Ton corps est génétiquement prédisposé à stocker de la graisse à certain endroit dans un certain ordre. Quand tu commences à perdre du poids, ton corps va perdre de la graisse dans différents endroits dans un ordre précis. L’ordre est unique à chaque personne car elle est lié à la génétique.

Pour perdre de la graisse, mange meilleur. Ton alimentation est responsable à 80-90 % de ta perte de graisse.

J’espère que la première partie t’as aidé. Dans la prochaine partie je parlerai des mythes du « cardio pour perdre du poids » et « un programme fonctionne pour toutes les filles ».

Et toi ? Quels sont tes mythes pour le fitness/bodybuilding ?


Losers Have Too Excuses

stop excuses

Right now, I changed my training and it’s harder. People see my face in the gym, I work hard. I have friends who tell me I do overtraining and I should calm me down. I don’t think I’m overtraining or I have my own definition of overtraining. My definition of overtraining is surpass its limits, do some more repetitions after a period to adapt.

Magazines have fitness program where they indicate the number of sets and repetitions to do to gain mass. This is a good thing but the majority of people who write these articles don’t do sports. Looking the physique of the person who wrote the article and you will know right away if it’s credible. A person like Jim Stoppani is credible, it’s people like him that we must read.

It’s clear that if you compare my training with that of a magazine, I train too much. Now imagine you train for several years, you will always follow magazine’s indications ? No, because you’re smart, you know that at some point you’re going to stagnate and you don’t want to stagnate. That’s why you’re going to customize your workout. It’s not overtraining, it’s just training as hard as possible.

fitness program magazine

There are basic exercises that are important and should be in every fitness program : Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press. These exercises helps to have solid foundations to improve strength and this is for beginners, especially beginners. Whatever sport you do, these exercises will improve your performance.

Today I met someone who told me that he couldn’t train like I do because he would not be able to recover. That’s Loser’s excuse. Don’t come talk to me in the gym to tell me you can’t do this or that. I don’t care, all that interests me is that you progress at your own pace. To progress, you have to work hard, it’s simple.

Imagine that you have a job and your boss offers you a promotion. You’re going to refuse the job because you know a colleague who has a better degree than you ? If you refuse the job, you’re such an idiot !

job promotion

I know a lots of people who spend their time making excuses instead of to go to the next level. If you’re full of excuses in the gym, you’re full of excuses in all areas of your life and you will have problems in your life. You will become a weird loser (well, it makes me think of someone !). There is nothing more powerful in the world than the human‘s will. If you think you can do something, do it. And if you really, really, really, really want it, it will happen. No excuse.

It’s clear, it will not happen at the 1st shot but be strong, be a man, accepts the challenge. You think a person has more advantages than you, challenge this person. Be the challenger, be the one who wants to take the gold medal. Stop saying you can’t do that.

Think of people you admire, do they spend their time making excuses ? Be strong and work to go to the next level. Don’t say that you can’t train hard because you don’t take steroids. You see how that excuse is stupid. Forget bullshit excuses.

next level

Train hard, surpass your limits, eats healthily, sleep well to recover and do it again every day. This isn’t muscle or steroids that make you strong, it’s your state of mind and your will.

I see many people who have potential but they don’t use. That’s why I say their « Go, pushes your limits, go ahead » I know I’m not a bodybuilder but my body is the proof that I am a person who trains hard.

This blog is my tool to share the little knowledge I have to motivate others. I’m not an expert but I learn every day and I love it. That’s why I say STOP YOUR EXCUSES AND LET’S GO !

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Les Perdants Ont Trop D’Excuses

stop excuses

En ce moment, j’ai modifié mon entraînement et c’est plus dur. Les gens voient mon visage à la salle, je travaille dur. J’ai des amis qui me disent que je fait du surentraînement et que je devrais me calmer. Je ne pense pas que je fais du surentraînement ou j’ai ma propre définition du surentraînement. Ma définition du surentraînement est de dépassé ses limites, faire quelques répétitions en plus après un certain temps d’adaptation.

Les magazines ont des programme de fitness où ils indiquent le nombre de série et de répétitions qu’il faut faire pour gagner de la masse. C’est une bonne chose mais la majorité des gens qui écrivent ces articles ne font pas de sport. Regarde le physique de la personne qui écrit l’article et tu sauras tout de suite si c’est crédible. Une personne comme Jim Stoppani est crédible, c’est des personnes comme lui qu’il faut lire.

C’est clair que si tu compares mon entraînement avec celui d’un magazine, je m’entraîne trop. Maintenant, imagine que ça fait plusieurs années que tu t’entraînes, tu vas toujours suivre les indications du magazine ? Non, parce que tu es malin, tu sais que à un moment tu vas stagner et tu n’as pas envie de stagner. C’est pour cela que tu vas personnaliser ton entraînement. Ce n’est pas du surentraînement, c’est juste s’entraîner le plus dur possible.

fitness program magazine

Il y a des exercices de base qui sont important et qui devraient être dans tous les programme de fitness : Squat, Soulevé de terre et Développé couché. Ces exercices permet d’avoir des fondations solides pour améliorer la force et c’est valable pour les débutants, surtout les débutants. Peut importe le sport que tu fais, ces exercices vont améliorer tes performances.

Aujourd’hui j’ai rencontré quelqu’un qui m’a dit qu’il ne pouvait pas s’entraîner comme je le fais parce qu’il n’arriverait pas à récupérer. Ça, c’est l’excuse du perdant. Ne viens pas me parler à l’entraînement pour me dire que tu ne peux pas faire ceci ou cela. Je m’en fous, tout ce qui m’intéresse c’est que tu progresse à ton rythme. Pour progresser, tu dois travailler dur, c’est simple.

Imagine que tu as un travail et que ton patron te propose un meilleur poste. Tu vas refuser le poste parce que tu connais un collègue qui a un meilleur diplôme que toi ? Si tu refuses le poste, t’es vraiment un idiot !

job promotion

Je connais pleins de gens qui passent leur temps se trouver des excuses au lieu de passer au niveau supérieur. Si tu as pleins d’excuses à salle, tu as pleins d’excuses dans tous les domaines de ta vie et tu vas avoir des problèmes dans ta vie. Tu vas devenir un perdant bizarre (tiens, ça me fait penser à quelqu’un !). Il n’y a rien de plus puissant dans le monde que la volonté d’un humain. Si tu crois que tu peux faire quelque chose, fait-le. Et si tu le veux vraiment, vraiment, vraiment, vraiment, ça va arriver. Pas d’excuse.

C’est clair, ça ne va pas arriver du 1er coup mais sois fort, sois un homme, accepte le défi. Tu pense qu’une personne a plus d’avantages que toi, défi-le. Sois le challenger, sois celui qui veut prendre la médaille d’or. Arrête de dire que tu ne peux pas faire ça.

Pense aux personnes que tu admires, est-ce qu’ils passent leurs temps à se trouver des excuses ? Sois fort et travaille pour aller au niveau supérieur. Ne dit pas que tu ne peux pas t’entraîner dur parce que tu ne prends pas de stéroïdes. Tu vois comment cette excuse est stupide. Oublie ces conneries d’excuse.

next level

Entraînes-toi dur, pousses tes limites, mange de façon saine, dors bien pour récupérer et recommence chaque jour. Ce n’est pas les muscle ou les stéroïdes qui te rendent fort, c’est ton état d’esprit et ta volonté.

Je vois beaucoup de personne qui ont un potentiel mais ils ne l’utilisent pas. C’est pour ça que je leurs dit : « Vas-y pousse tes limites, vas-y ». Je sais que je ne suis pas un bodybuilder mais mon corps est la preuve que je suis une personne qui s’entraîne dur.

Ce blog est mon outil pour partager le peu de connaissance que j’ai pour motiver les autres. Je ne suis pas un expert mais j’apprends tous les jour et j’aime ça. C’est pour cela que je te dis ARRETE TES EXCUSES ET VAS-Y !

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